ZADERA "...Somehting Red" CD Album (Strobelight Records)

Uhmmmm, this German band I listened to it firstly in New Dark Age Vol 2 CD compilation, with their hymn "Fallen", this song left me anxious for more music and I waited attentive the exit of its debut album, and finally here I have "...Something Red"! The personality of the band it born gathering GothRock, Batcave, DeathRock and Post-Punk sounds, convulsed with an individual and not very traditional touch that gives them its own musical manifestation.

The songs are unwrapped between calm moments and other more furious and more aggressive moments. Grandiose songs are 'Throught of pale door' (with the same feeling of their hit 'Fallen' ), 'Life Strikes back' and 'No answers' are fantastic and strong with more Post Punk influences. 'You have lost' possesses a special atmosphere, with melodic vowels but with powerful choirs, the instrumentation possesses good rhythms, 'Circulation' has the same style that 'You Have Lost' and both songs easy they can be assimilated by wider publics (here the voice in moments reminds me to Avril Lavigne!!!! wowww).... 'Fallen' is a painful and quite deep act, full melancholy, it begins calmed for then to become hard and with aggressive and wild riffs. 'Das Licht' is a dark and spoken song, based on simple riffs and a brief feminine choir, a great act, in parts reminds me to the Peruvian artist, Daniel F, but this is more emotive and darker, but, I'm sad, because the lyrics are in German (I don't understand), but this song is heard better in German... 'Sie' is a delicate mostly acoustic song, with vocal candies.

Zadera is a band that demonstrates with this stuff that has much more to offer, a band that it knows perfectly how to fuse the deep feelings with melancholic, sweet and aggressive shades and enough energy.... advisable for the fans of the old Christian Death, Xmal Deutschland and Siouxsie & the Banshees.

Time: 47:52

Tracks: 14 + Outro

Rating: 8/10 Pts.


By Saqrangel