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Zadera - Something red ....

label - strobelight records .
genre > mix of gothic-rock, deathrock and punk .
tracklisting :
1. That Much I Didn't Want To Know
2. Through The Pale Door
3. Life Strikes Back
4. No Answer
5. You Have Lost
6. Circulation
7. Fallen
8. One More Life
9. Das Licht
10. Shame
11. Search For You
12. Sie
13. Grey And Red
14. Only For Me

[ website - http://www.zadera.de ]

Zadera couldn't have come from another country than Germany as they own this typically excentric and underground attitude we could also find into such great artists like Falco, Klaus Schültze, Nina Hagen, Einsturzende Neubauten, as well as into the cult goth icons like Das Ich, Sopor Aeternus to name only few, although we could also quote an half of the german gothic scene .... Excentricity giving a voice here to a vivifying and provocative originality expressed without any complex.
Coming from Magdeburg and firstly known under the monicker 'Through the pale doors' - they changed into Zadera because it was a more appropriate as a more recongnizable one - Zadera' s popularity increases with time thanx to a couple of impressive live shows performed into the biggest german festivals . So no need to explain how their compatriots were expecting this first full-lenght album - Electric, explosive revival !
Defining Zadera' s music is impossible as they are mixing a myriad of different influences - from pop to punk, from glam rock to gothicrock - that finally succeed to find a true musical personality and according to the fact they just have released with ' Something red ... ' their first album, hats off !
Maybe could they be labelized into a kind of postpunk genre but I guess they mainly take their musical roots from early 80oldies, old Siouxsie and the Banshees [ Juju, Nocturne, A kiss in the dreamhouse etc ...] , Virgin Prunes,The Cure, old Christian Death, X-Mal Deutschland but also from other ones - and I would add the german pop here - as Nena with her famous' 99 Luftballons' there coz there' s something from the pop ingeniosity into Zadera - the songs they propose are really enjoyable as positive and relaxing .
So there' s no surprise to see they signed with such a label as Strobelight records which in a way dedicate its work to this spirit flowing through death, batcave and gothic-rock.
Besides, Conny vocals bring to the whole a special timbre that definitly makes of this band one of the most promising bands of the gothic german but also worldwide scene.
An highly recommanded abum ! Truly deserves a ticket for the next but usual gothic german festivals !

- by elysia -