Voices Of Masada - Four Corners

The British gothrock is going through a resurrection it seems. In the 90’s bands like Rosetta Stone, This Burning Effigy and Children of the Sun showed that the British peninsula had more to offer than Sisters of Mercy and Fields of the Nephilim. There was a flourishing scene for a while with clubs and concerts, but this changed with the dominance of electronics like electro and futurepop. Ten years later however there is, through the impulse of deathrock from the US, again a new school of British gothic bands that attract attention, such as Killing Mirands, who have moved more into glamrock meets goth direction, and bands like Scary Bitches, The Ghost of Lemora and Voices of Massada. Voices of Massada lies close to Sisters of Mercy, notice for example the omnipresent drumcomputer. Further comparisons you could make are with Fields of the Nephilim and Ordeal by Fire. The bandmembers have a background in the English gothic scene, a.o. with the band Revolution by Night. Good songs are especially ‘Fallen’, ‘Days of November’ and ‘No More Gods’. This however is too little to make it a good cd. Musically, it all stays very close to traditional gothic rock, in the vein of Sisters of Mercy, but this was the intention too. This is a nice debut cd but not very original.

Band: Voices Of Massada(int)
Label: Strobelight Records
Genre: gothic (gothic rock / (dark)wave / postpunk / batcave)
Grade: 6.5
Review by: TekNoir