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voices of masada - four corners -

strobelight records - 2004 -
genre > gothic rock.
tracklist :
1. Vathek
2. Fallen
3. Step Down
4. Days Of November
5. Fragments
6. No More Gods
7. Flight
8. Shine
http://www.voicesofmasada.co.ulk -

We were waiting for the first full-lenght album of this british combo since the release of their first ep - entitled 'Prelude' - that was , I confess , a nice and pleasant introduction to this traditional gothic - rock band but whose musicians won' t be unknown for most of the people still being very fond of gothic-rock tunes.
Indeed, Voices of Masada was formed by ex-members from Revolution by Night, Eddie Martin, noticeably discovered thanx to the well-known 'Dreams in the Witchhouse' compilation with the track 'selling heaven' and least but not least, Danny tartaglia from the now disbanded italian cult gothic-rock band Burning Gates - who decided to leave italy to join london some times ago.
It is also particularly enjoyable - and not so common to be underlined in this review - to briefly emphasize this laudable lust of sharing music however the past could have been ... most of time things end in tears -
enjoyable and hopeful as for an example to see the ex Burning Gates performing together again with their new respective projects [Ordeal by fire as well as voices of masada ] one year ago in Siddartha . It's also amusing but fairly natural - according to the soundscapes presented - to see them both signed on the same and very promising german label Strobelight records.

Let' s forget this personal digression that despite moodiness, enlightens my point of view on the relationships between bands ! 'prelude' made an almost remarkable promotion to the band thanx to numerous concerts whose feedback was as encouraging as a definitively positive test ! Taking into account the prestigious Gotham they did with other interesting bands like The faces of sarah or midnight configuration !
' Four corners' released last month keeps all its promises, with eight tracks of true traditional gothic-rock - including as usual the tracks of the previous mini - that deserves a special attention for all gothic freaks . So as already said in the past, impossible to get into this album if this genre easily gets on your nerves - but for the others - I ' m sure this cd will be on your cd-player for a while.
I definitly love their sound, compositions, being totally overwhelmed by the languishing, hypnotical and emotional crescendo of the album 'Shine' as well as some beautiful other moments like 'Step down' and ' fragments '.
A good production, sepulcral efficient vocals, catchy tunes, what to say more ... The british scene continues to offer us gothic quality , like many other bands of this country , you could also discover into some exciting main events as the Whitby festival later in spring.
recommanded !

- by elysia -