Unholy Burial

Label: Strobelight


Over two decades passed since Voodoo Church released their legendary, self titled 12“ EP. These days a big surprise is waiting for us: their official debut album „Unholy Burial“.

After the appetizer tracks on the compilations „Strobelights Vol.1“ and „New Dark Age Vol.2“ there was a little presentiment where the journey could go to. Exactly, the band is celebrating a thrilling mixture, highly melodic pieces between spooky gothic rock, sawing deathrock and partly a punky attitude, connected with Tina Winter’s charismatic, varied vocals. There’s one thing you notice right from the start – the atmosphere of the songs. You’ll be lead into intensely dark fields where you find a blazing interaction between deep melancholy and powerfully defying moments.
Fiery guitar riffs, rumbling bass-lines, ghostly sounds, church bell splinters – every tune matches. Even the cover version of The Cure’s „Figurehead“ comes out well, and that’s normally always a shacky affair. This album is filled with pearls, from the beginning to the end. A must-have.

Breda, 06 Dec 2004