Pressburger Gothic Journal

Voodoo Church – Unholy Burial
(Strobelights Records)

Voodoo Church are a deathrock legend, who together with Christian Death at the beginning of the 80´s belonged to cult idols of the american scene back then. The leader Tina Winter surrounded herself with young new musicians and is trying for a return. Strobelight Records, who placed some of Voodoo Church pieces on their own compilations already, supports the band and also released their new album. The sound is a typical american, which I personally (sometimes even uncritically) like a lot. Tina has an excellent voice and the rest of the band sounds quite mature as well. Strong guitar sound, supported with quality drums and depressive atmosphere. Most of the tracks are in a medium fast pace, and surely many of them (Zombie A Go-Go, or New Death) will be played on goth dancefloors. „Unholy Burial“ will deffinately delight fans of the overseas deathrock music, which as well as the european batcave scene is living out a massive comeback.