Gothic Revue

VOODOO CHURCH - Unholy Burial

It's no wonder that Mark Splatter and Steve Skeletaal are friends of this band. Just from their associations alone I would have guessed that this band plays old-school gothic-rock. This band at times are very reminiscent of Virgin Prunes or early Christian Death output. Strobelight Records seemingly has a great habit of releasing sounds 'from a bygone age' gothic circa 1985-1989. The band look a lot like another 'new' gothic band, 'Live Not On Evil'. Here are some lyrics from my most listened to Voodoo Church song.

'Church bells ring in the dead of night/ Ghouls gather and the bats take flight/ Winds are howling satans' trance/ Bring out your dead, it's time to dance.'

These are an example of Tina and Randall's wry sense of humor when they sit down to pen songs. I like that Voodoo Church have the whole dark goth look to go along with the mid-eighties dirgy music. Well done!! I hope this band has a long and fruitful career.

Reviewed by Azrael Racek