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voodoo church - unholy burial -

strobelight records - 2004 -
genre > death rock.
tracklist :
1. Unholy.
2. Who's fault.
3. New death.
4. Ragged souls.
5. Drums and voodoo.
6. Zombie A gogo.
7. Corpse.
8. Eternal Waltz .
9. This life this death.
10.May I.
11. The figurehead.
12. Burial.
- http://www.voodoo-church.com -

Voodoo Church is a band that may be unknown for most of the gothic current audience - including me to be honnest - as I confess I thought by discovering the news about them - Unholy Burial was their first release. So, in a way, it is not perfectly wrong ... as this californian death-rock band belongs to the best hours of the genre , back to the early 80 ies. At this time, they only released a 4 track ep, so it is really a fantastic surprise to see them back - I even don't know if it is a private joke or something like that ... I mean the choice of the title for the album but for sure they aren' t buried at all !!!!
We could have thought they may have changed musically with time , we could also have thought years could have erased their lust and many many other things we could easily figure out .
NO, no and no - this 'Unholy burial' is really a striking successful first full-lenght album .
By listening to their tunes is for the listener like to dive into a refreshing nostalgic bath inhabited by the vivifying energy, excentricity, originality and freedom of such bands as Siouxsie and the Banshees to only quote it....to take a train of nostalgy that makes you discover a social atmosphere again. Really emotional and strange trip! Because there's not fainted emtions into it, no fainted music , a kinda mimetic one as it could maybe be felt into some current bands of the genre.

What to say about the sound, except i consider it totally adequate to the atmospheres, songs and genre of course. A very well-worked production that gives a unique relief to wonderful various songs - catching, overwhelming melodies, sometimes strenghtened by some nightmarish or macabre ambiances all enlightened by Winter versatile but captivating vocals that could sometimes remind in some ways Shirley Manson's interpretation .Remembering of Cure, Mephisto Waltz shadows into the sensual and magic The Figurehead, the retro languishing Eternal Walz ....
Last but not least, Unholy Burial starts and ends in a very ephemereal sound-like ' Songs of faith and devotionnal' moment ( 'I feel you' introduction to the depeche mode album to give you an idea ) - a delicate haunting and maybe dedicated one -
A definitively high recommended album , to be purchased if hunters of death-rock tunes but certainly to be discovered by the crowd too.

- by elysia -