Gothic Revue

Tragic Black - The Decadent Requiem Label: Strobelight Records

Tragic black hail from the land of Mormons' center and current foundation (Salt Lake CIty, Utah) and boy do they know how to rock. Equal mix of Misfits, ALien Sex fiend and Apocolypse theatre. these lads go for the windpipe with straight-up shots of deathrock and alomst- rockabilly type of spun stories and amassed musical knowledge the likes of we haven't seen since Live not on Evil or Gein and the graverobbers. This release is very consistant throughout and there isn't a single track that I have to skip over when I listen to it in my car. I'd love to see what they'd do with a cover of an early eighties new wave band like perhaps "Life in a northern town" (perhaps change it to "life in a Mormon town". Having seen Tragic Black live at the Dark Arts festival I can totally see why they get such a rabid following for they not only have the theatrics down, but the musical chops to back up "the glam". Strobelight records couldn't be a better fit for this band as they are "the empire-creating gothic/darkwave" force of the world at this time.

Reviewed by Azrael Racek