Pressburger Gothic Journal

The Last Days Of Jesus – Alien Road
(Strobelight Records)

This new release by The Last Days Of Jesus is deffinitely the best, what have these guys from Bratislava produced. The sound is more mature, richer and mostly, it´s visibly more straightforward then before. And that is absolutelly not fighting the progress, which the band labells themselves with so often. Finally, it has the sound that it should have, and I am not at all trying to say that the past albums were bad. I just feel, that the unnessessary cover and thickness from otherwise good sound has vanished. This album is even more psychedelic then „Songs from the Psycho TV“. There are finally some tracks that the DJs can bravely play at parties – especially „Guns´n´Drums´n´March´n´Fun“ and „Connected Or Infected“, have a good potential to become often played „hits“. There is a composition „Alien Domestic Humanoid Sick“ song for those in more experimental kind of mood.