Last Days of Jesus, The - Alien Road

gothic (gothic rock / (dark)wave / postpunk / batcave)

grade: 9
by: TekNoir

The Last Days of Jesus from Slovakia play deathrock, and the singer Poor Mary’’O’’ reminds of a crossbreed between Rozz Williams and Jello Biafra. The music bears a obstinate element which reminds me of jazzcore bands like No Means No. Furthermore this band is difficult to pin down on one style or approach as there are elements of gothic, but also punk, psychobilly, blues, electronic influences and even more. There’s much sampling and the instruments and sounds vary from hammond to reworked voices. The best tracks are in my opinion the of the Phantom Limbs reminding and club suitable ‘Guns ’n Drums ’n March ’n Fun (Alien Edit)’. ‘Fear, Gunshot…then the Bliss’, ‘Life in Line’ which, due to the electronic undertones, fits well into clubs, and ‘Death Song’. Striking is the intermezzo ‘Merry-Go-Round’ with Current 93 connotations. The Last Days of Jesus showcase a very own and unique but extremely eclectic musical style. The constant changing musical ingredients is something which will not appeal to every listener, as the listener doesn’t really get a moment to breathe. The cd only lasts 35 minutes, which can be found more and for some this might be just enough because of the very nervous singing an music. I would have liked to hear some more though. This cd is one of the best and most original deathrock releases i have ever heard.