Strobelights Vol.2

Label: Strobelight


Second part of the series. And like on the first one we’ll find loads of gothic rock, deathrock and wave stuff.

One thing can really be said about this sampler – it was compiled with a fan heart for gloomy guitar music. In addition, it shows that there’s more to expect from comps than the usual dull stuff put together lovelessly and without special versions. We’re served some newer tracks but especially many oldie-but-goldie classics, some of them really rare to get these days, some of them in special versions, some of them just nice to meet again. When you listen to the sampler you feel a pleasantly nostalgic mood coming up. For older goth rock maniacs this menu is a remunerative accumulation of essential pearls, for the younger ones in the scene it’s a recommendable history lesson.

Breda, 14 Nov 2004