VARIOUS ARTISTS - Strobelights Vol. 1
CD | Strobelight | 2004 | Gothic


Death Cult - 'God's Zoo'
Rosetta Stone - 'Darkness & Light'
Cancer Barrack - 'Cancer Barack'
Mighty Sphincter - 'In The Kingdom Of Heaven'
Voodoo Church - 'Live With The Dead'
Shadow Project - 'Static Jesus'
The Wake - 'Watchover'
This Burning Effigy - 'Emeritus'
Subterfuge - 'Curses'
Screams For Tina - 'In Her House'
Ausgang - '(You Got The) Hots For Christ'
Norma Loy - '1964 Shadows'
Altered States - 'Everything'
Dronning Maud Land - 'Cry For Happy'
Secret Discovery - 'Evil Feeling'
Lucie Cries - 'Le Talisman De La Muse'
Screaming Dead - 'A Dream Of Yesterday'


I notice Strobelight Records started editing compilations! While for "New Dark Age", the emphasis is put on new bands/new recordings, "Strobelight Vol 1" gathers classical goth-rock, death-rock or minimal electronic groups, international bands from the 80's or 90's with importance in the goth-punk scene. For an old listener, it isn't about something new, of course, but the importance of such a compilation consists in the fact you will also get first time CD release of Voodoo Church or Mighty Sphincter - bands with (unfortunatelly) out of print releases that (unfortunatelly again) noone thinks of re-editing. So, I have enjoyed listening after a very very long time - Norma Loy, a minimal-electronic French band that I used to think everyone forgot. I have relistened Altered States and Lucie Cries, I have danced, as usual on Rosetta Stone, This Burning Effigy, Ausgang, Screaming Dead or Death Cult. I even discovered something new, to me, Cancer Barrack, a very good band, just as Subterfuge. Last, but not the least, I got extatic with my favorites - "In Her House" (Screams For Tina) and "Static Jesus" (Shadow Project). The compilation is unitary, I often get the sensation I listen to a consistent album and not a selection from different bands - all 17 tracks are excellently chosen. I can't but recommend this compilation to those about to entre the gothic-rock world, and, as I suggested above, this release is very likely to excite the older fans by some rare materials. Sometimes I think there are so many record companies that should use their financial potential in order to re-release good old stuff instead of putting new and boring materials.
Mark: 10/10
Internet: http://www.strobelight-records.com/