Lullabies For Debauchery

Label: Strobelight


After two self released EP’s, some compilation participations and line-up changes we’re finally confronted with the debut album by French deathrock/batcave crew Sleeping Children.

Formed in the beginning of 2003, the band from Paris celebrates exactly that kinda sound the Addam’s Family would use for one of their witching hour parties – splendidly ghostlike and rocking batcave-meets-deathrock. Anywhere between Bauhaus, Virgin Prunes, Tragic Black and Cinema Strange they’ve build their spunky nest, in which they blend buzzing basses, minimalistic drums, underworld atmospheres, spooky keyboard spots and melodies, a punky attitude and last but not least Murmur’s extroverted vocals, partly reminding of Peter Murphy (Bauhaus). Their menu has got a varied face as we find scudding forward tracks („No Love For The Dead“, „Between Your Legs“) as well as blazing mid-tempo pieces like „Murderer’s Dance“, „Dusty Shades Of Red“ or their known underground hit „Poppies Screen The Light“ and a bit more reserved snacks like „Love Sucks“. What the songs have in common is the perilous fragrance, in addition, the three piece loves to include surprising breaks within the songs, so there’s not really a reason to fear boredom. And when finally the bizarre titel track finds the way out of the speakers you better have a look under your bed. You never know – maybe something is on the lurk. Gloomy debut pearl.

Breda, 06 Nov 2004