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Screams for Tina

Category : Goth

Album : 2003 A.D.

Call it what you will; deathrock, darkwave, goth rock, it all ultimately comes down to a very attractive blend of dark atmosphere, melodic bass lines, noisy guitars, and lots and lots of black clothing. Cultivated by acts like Christian Death, Alien Sex Fiend, and London After Midnight, deathrock had its heyday in the mid-to-late '80s to the mid '90s. One band out of the scene was Screams for Tina, which seemed to fold under typical band pressures in '97. Now the dark duo has returned to churn out some new dirges for the rock and roll funeral. While only a little more than 13 minutes long, 2003 A.D. harkens back to the goth rock sound the likes of which haven't been heard since Rozz Williams.

Alas, one would hope that after the band has been in relative hibernation for almost a decade that their return would be marked by something new and exciting to distinguish their new work from their back catalog. Sadly this is hardly the case with 2003 A.D. It is very typical of the genre, hardly drawing any blueprints for a new sound upon which the scene can feed from. There is nothing groundbreaking or wholly original about the music on this CD; quite the contrary, it sounds almost like every other goth rock band out there. The Joy Division influence on this CD is unmistakable; it is also extremely played out. From Warren Mansfield's deep and depressing vocals to Billy Budd's bass melodies, the band comes across sounding like Ikon did in 1996 before Michael Corrodus left the group.

Not that it is an entirely bad CD, just nothing new or worthy of mention. Screams for Tina is a wonderful example of what can happen when trends start. Deathrock was something of a trend, at least in its particular scene. Band after band followed, belting out the same style of music, drawing inspiration from the same bands, without a single thought to try something different and rely on their own devices instead of rehashing past successes. It's not as bad as a cover, but it is in the same ballpark. If you don't mind the same old sound, this CD will please purists. Just don't expect any surprises because Screams For Tina don't pull any with 2003 A.D.

Track List:
1. Standing in the Rain
2. Life of Sin
3. Ranjipur
4. Eleven Eleven (Remix)

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