Artist: Screams For Tina
CD Title: 2003 A.D.
Label: StrobeLight- Records
Reviewer:Julie Johnson
Date: 12/16/03

Screams For Tina 2003 A.D. (CD) Strobelight-Records

When I first heard that there was a new Screams For Tina E.P., I could not believe it! I often wondered what happened to the band. Finally after a long ten years the wait is finally over. LA- Deathrock legends return with a four track EP. The CD "2003 A.D. also includes a remix of the classic track “Eleven Eleven”. The opening track, “Standing in the Rain”, becomes an instant smash hit with how Warren Mansfield brings out his warm and moody vocals. The new music that you will hear has many layers of infused guitars and bellowing dark bass. The music really comes together well, with higher guitars parts meeting the darker guitar rock melodies. “Life of Sin”, has more upbeat tempo with the use for more guitar effects to build up the melodies. There is a good use of bells during this track that gave it more of a gothic feel. “Life of Sin”, is a highly effective track for this EP that definitely leaves you wanting to hear more from Screams For Tina. At this time, Screams for Tina has never sounded better, and I will be waiting for more classic tracks from this band. They have picked up right where they have left off ten years ago, and have given another powerful performance. I only hope now that with the E.P. comes a full-length CD. I hope that the band does not disappear again for a long time. I hope that many positive reviews and feedback will help motivate the band to do more. In the meantime, I will be patiently waiting for more of Screams for Tina!! The four track E.P. is an evil tease.