ORDEAL BY FIRE - Untold passions

Italy, country with the more quantity of fans of the dark culture (specially 80s) is the one that gave to the world incredible bands like Kirlian Camera in the eighties and Ataraxia or Burning Gates in the nighties. Exactly, from the split of the last named came the singer Michele Piccolo,with Ricardo Perugini, Fabrizio Filippi (Wasteland former) and Tiziano Benedetti will form the band in 2002. The following year they released the Roots and Dust EP, with four incredible tracks that caused pleasing impression in the deathrock label -Strobelight Records- thats because 'Re-creation' appeared in their compilatiion New Dark Age Vol. 1.

The style of the band is similar to the sound of Fields Of The Nephilim (guitars and voices) and -sometimes- to Love Like Blood. That´s because the first two songs in which the guitars are the essential part of the instrumentalization through the seven minutes of 'Dirty Floor' followed by the five of 'Hiding'. In 'Hanging On' we appreciate more tendency to the effort of Carl McCoy, in their more than six minutes of guitar, bass and drums.

The fourth one is -perhaps- the best-known one of the band 'Re-creation' followed by the dark and most sentimental part of the disk: 'Prisoner' which changes of rhythm and accelerations in the starts of the fourth minute. 'Life´s Uncertainty', is initiated with the drums(similar to The Cure) and bass that marks the entrance of the Michele´s voice and 'Tides', is as sinister as the previous, but of only three and a half minutes.

The two last songs are 'At The Mercy Of Men' -with influences of Garden Of Delight guitars and with own distorted ones- and 'Heartfelt Sympathy' with characteristic changes of rhythm. Finally, we will sign that they were supporters of Diva Destruction and have played with bands of the size of Murder At The Registry and Altered States.