New Dark Age vol. 3 - Various

It is time to review the last 2CD compilation of the best death rock label of this decade: Strobelight Records. In fact, through the last 3 years the austrian label has become the masters of the dark sounds near to gothic with several releases of incredible bands (some of them with several years in action and without an official release).

While the first volume of the New Dark Age appeared the 2003, the actual vol. 3 possesses several tendencies among which we can enjoy with Ikon, Lament, The Escape, Sixth Chamber, Faith And The Muse, Mephisto Walz and the french: Deadchovsky and Wallenberg.

In the first disk we can listen the beautiful darkpop of IKON -with the single 'I Never Wanted You' -, HEARTS FAIL, NEW SKIN and the gorgeous 'Vicious Breed' of 13th SKY, 'Monkey Dreams' of PURR MACHINE and 'Dismember Me' of ULTRANOIR. The batcave we will find in the enigmatics MIGUEL AND THE LIVING DEAD with 'Graveyard Love Song', NAUGHTY ZOMBIES and with the fantastic french band DEADCHOVSKY. In general, the gothic rock is the one that envolve the majority of tracks as we can see with New Days Delay, THE SIXTH CHAMBER (like Christian Death), Faith And The Muse -with a live track recorded in Leipzig-; together with the electronic base for the guitars of Deathcamp Project and FORMFLEISCH, although is also notable the guitar distortions of Uninvited Guest and EVA O.

The second one is opened by the fantastic 'Sir Rotts TO Lot' -from RADIO SCARLET- and 'Artemis' -by JOY DISASTER- in dark veins with the lineup of guitar-bass-battery; while what continues will be the essencial gothic rock of ROME BURNS, the genial FRANK THE BAPTIST, TRAGIC BLACK and the version 2005 (with Bari Bari voice) of the classic 'Alle In Asche' of MEPHISTO WALZ. New bands will do also the same with the gothic tunes (with more guitars) like The Brides, The Empire Hideous, Substanc Of Dream and Scarlet´s Remains. The eighties influences we will find in the german LAMENT (very Cure), the french WALLENBERG with its classic 'If I Was Another Man', while the dark pop are in charge of The Ghost Of Lemora, Swann Danger, No Tears and the belgians: UNDER TO PURPLE SKY, for finish with another live jewel: 'Inside' of THE ESCAPE.

Its wonderful see talented people involved in these series of compilations, like Bruno Kramm (DAS ICH) in charge of the remasterization. We must to say that a cool new of the label is the incorporation of the deathrock italian band: CHANTS OF MALDOROR a big name since the nineties (with the album Thy Hurting Heaven) who are ready for present in a few months: Every Mask Tells The Truth.

Ajouté : Vendredi 09 Septembre 2005
Critique : Reynaldo Gonzales