Pressburger Gothic Journal

Various – New Dark Age Vol. 3
(Strobelight Records)

Already a third serie of this successful compilation from german-austrian label Strobelight Records offers 40 songs from a large specter of bands of a present goth/deathrock/electro/wave etc. scene on 2 cds for the price of one. There are, apart from those still fresh looking legends such as Eva O., Ausgang and Mephisto Walz mostly presented recent bands. Naughty Zombies with their fast deathrock-punk piece „Give Me Your Soul“, New Days Delay with new „Vermutlich Hysterisch“, The Sixth Chamber with a typicaly american sounding „ Hollywood Princess Doe“, and of course Radio Scarlet with a short „Sir Rotts A Lot“ are outstanding here. It´s not possible to describe all the interesting bands, and because space was given also to some other, even for me uninteresting electro and wave formations, I can just shortly reccommend: Faith And The Muse, Deadchovsky, Joy Disaster, Frank The Baptist, The Deep Eynde, Tragic Black, Substanc Of Dream and Scarlet´s Remains.