Pressburger Gothic Journal

Various – New Dark Age vol. 2
(Strobelight Records)

As it is clear from the name of the disc, this is another follow-up of the sucessful compilation, where many of the present goth, death rock, new wave and minimal sound bands have found their place. There is no point in writing details about each of the estimable 34! songs, but I am sure, that every fan of the already mentioned genres will find something here. There are also represented bands from the Eastern Europe, such as The Last Days Of Jesus from Bratislava and russian Unholy Guest, here. From the american range, there the great Phantom Limbs with their psychedelic death rock and The Vanishing with similary „sick“ sound. Skeletal Family is trying their comeback with their new, unfortunately not very distinct singer. Frank The Baptist, Zadera - new chance of the german scene and spanish Quidam are also interesting. This compilation, has apart from the others – daily released ones, meaning.