New Dark Age Vol. 1

Label: Strobelight


When you look at all the gothic compilations which have been released, you’ll find the same bands over and over again, most of the time those ones, who satisfy the taste of the masses. The commercial story, you know, damned boring. Well, but luckily there are rare exceptions like with this double CD. It features 34 (!) bands from various countries, celebrating unreleased or hard to get songs or tracks specially made for this compilation, of course put into different styles like gothrock, deathrock, wave and minimalistic electronic.

We’ve got well known bands like The Last Dance („Whisper“ - Between Strobelights Version), Ikon („Ghost In my Head“ - New Version), Altered States („Go The Distance“ - first material after 10 years), Penis Flytrap („Cemetary Girl“), Frankenstein and Kiss The Blade („Gone Again“ - Central Europe), worthy newcomers like Frank The Baptist („All The Faces“ - unreleased by now), Bloody Dead And Sexy („Bloody Rose“), Murder At The Registry („The Stolen Photograph“), Tragic Black („Nachtschleichen“ - Reanimated Mix) and Descendants Of Cain („The Ceremony“) or talented bands from the underground like The Ghost Of Lemora from UK („Dread The Day“), Trespass from France („Comedown“ - Lost In Light Version), Scary Bitches, Chants Of Maldoror, Collapsing New People and more. Do I have to say more? I don’t think so. This is really an unusual compilation, addictional ear candy, if you want. Last but not least it will be available for midprice, so no further hesitation, folks! I’m really looking forward to the next one!
Breda, 23 Dec 2003