Pressburger Gothic Journal

Miguel And The Living Dead – Alarm!!!
(Strobelight Records)

The first what caught my eye was the CD cover with a B-movie poster style. Interesting and equally incide shape is a pleasant liven up among the floods of other covers. Warsaw horror rockers Miguel and The Living Dead finally after last year´s demo released fully valuable album. Sonically, it´s similar (contains recordings from demo too), but studio-shaped of course. The band got a bit blown by the recent trend of a death rock scene, when everybody discovered psychobilly, gothabilly and god knows what other billy... I don´t mind this kind of music at all, actually I like it, I just think that there is too much of it lately. Almost the whole album is done in a coltish pace and DJs will surely find a lot of material. I like mainly „Graveyard Love Song“ and „Black Magic Sex Terror“. It is probably obvious from these names, what the lyrics will be about :)