This Polish horrorpunk/deathpunk band delivers an ample amount of fast songs, quieter moments are scarce. Terror, zombies, fiends, those are the terms that fit this kind of music well. One can hear influences of bands like The Cramps, Alien sex fiend (they've played with them live), The Misfits, The lords of the new church, Screams for Tina and The Damned. The raw guitars, the wild percussion, the echoing vocals of singer Slavik, it all suits perfectly to the style they are counted to. After a few listens I've come to the conclusion that this band has enough qualities to break through. This album certainly isn't inferior to what other bands in this genre have released over the last time and that makes Miguel and the living dead an important acquisition for the scene. They'd fit perfectly on a festival like the New York "Drop dead" and it would'nt surprise me if they would make there appearance there someday. With songs like "Killer klowns from outer space" and "Black magic sex terror" they refer to B-movies en and the sound just as sleazy as that. The eponymous opener "Miguel and the living dead" for that reason starts with a soundsample of an (old) horrormovie, after which the deathpunk-party can commence. Fast drums, slightly hypnotic synthesizers and two different but very well interacting guitars. The vocals and the bass put the creaming on the cake. A very nice start, although I prefer the rawer version of their debut-EP. With "Aliens wear sunglasses" they keep the tempo up and the same goes for "Graveyard love song". The latter song features psychobilly-like guitars. "Salem's lot" turns the pace somewhat lower, the guitars sound deliciously dark and atmospheric. "Night of terror" will most probably do well on the dancefloors, this song keeps lingering in your head, very catchy!
These gentlemen don't shun humor as they prove with "Killer klowns from outer space" in which I can also descry some Polish musical influences. "Black magic sex terror" is just as catchy as "Night of terror". I think those two songs will get played the most at parties. The following song "Sexy velvet shadow" is a bit pale and predictable, but it certainly isn't a bad song. The country-influences on "Train of the dead" remind me of Fields of the Nephilim. The dense "Ghostmaniac" and the free-form titeltrack "Alarm!!!" complement this delightful album. Miguel and the living dead have proven that they are a talented group, we'll hear more about them!

Band: Miguel and the living dead(int)
Label: Strobelight Records
Genre: gothic (gothic rock / (dark)wave / postpunk / batcave)
Type: cd
Grade: 8.1
Review by: Nightporter