Gothic Revue


Somehow the "New" deathrock scene revival has made it all the way to Poland.Miguel and the living dead mine the same vein as Gein and the graverobbers, live not on evil and the seminal Misfits. Imagine a really talented Ramones with a zombie-obsession that includes makeup and clothing. Imagine if Dick Dale and his surf rock band were all dead(and then thusly re-animated). This release gets the award for "best new cover art of the year." (I didn't even know that I had an award for that, but it's been won by this band.) Schlocky and gutteral the music may be, but darn-it there is ton's of talent under all that pancake make-up. At times I can imagine a Andrew Eldtritch bellowing about "Killer Klowns" but then my senses know that he wouldn't have the sense of humor that this band seems to eek out of their pores. "Salem's Lot" and "Train of the dead" are the stand out tracks but there isn't a zombie stinker in the lot of them. Just put the disc on and go-zombie-go. Now I want to see the Damned, Alien Sex Fiend, Sex Gang Children and Miguel and the living dead on the same stage as Live not on Evil and Gein and the graverobbers; what a festival that would be. (throw in the brickbats and the Phantom Limbs for good measure as well.)

reviewed by Azrael Racek of