1. Miguel And The Living Dead
2. Aliens Wear Sunglasses
3. Graveyard Love Song
4. Salem's Lot
5. Night Of Terror
6. Killer Klowns From Outer Space
7. Black Magic Sex Terror
8. Sexy Velvet Shadow
9. Train Of The Dead
10. Ghostmaniac
11. Alarm!!! (reprise)

I remember receiving the original 4 Track promo of Miguel & The Living Dead from my good friend 'M-Alex'. The CD had been recorded at home and the quality outshone most of the current crop of UK bands who had studio produced albums. 'Aliens Wear Sunglasses' became a hit at BlackVeil. The thing about Miguel & The Living Dead they have established a clear visual identity and sound which makes them unique in the current Deathrock scene. They also show the strength of musical creativity which is largely untapped in Eastern Europe.

The Jaggedness of the original recordings makes way for more polished rounded recordings. The album opens with the first two tracks which featured on their debut demo. Miguel & The Living Dead seems to be not as quirky as the original. Aliens Wear Sunglasses has a much more tighter bass sound and is still an excellent song. Graveyard Love Song which has also featured on 'New Alternatives III' is the ultimate deathrock love song.The song is proving very popular in this neck of the Graveyard. Salem's Lot is also from the original demo and is energised by the power in the new recording. Night Of Terror also appeared on the original demo but I really love the version on Alarm . Killer Klowns From Outer Space has a certain shadowesque/pyschobilly feel to it. Black Magic Sex Terror slam dancers paradise. Sexy Velvet Shadow this song could be huge. It should be huge. Train Of The Dead is the last song from their demo again the production turns a good song into a great song. Ghostmaniac sets up a frenzied finale. Alarm (Reprise) brings the album to a creepy close. The Classic atributes of a deathrock band are scary makeup, songs about horror/ B-Movies, a punk backbone and Miguel & The Living Dead have all of this. I'm looking forward to see them Live in Warsaw at the beginning of October. 2006 will be the year of the Dead!!!!!!!!!!!!!!