MURDER AT THE REGISTRY: Filed: '93 -'03 (CD) 149,50

Psychedelic 60ies- Punk and pumping Shadow Project-Deathrock are the main ingredients of this German act's sound or, as the band themselves say: 'Imagine a triangle between Christian Death, And Also The Trees and Comsat Angels - Murder At The Registry are right in the middle!' Murder At The Registry's first regularly released album Filed: '93 -'03' is a collection of the bands best songs from their countless demos and compilation appearances - most of which have been especially re-recorded for this album. Songs like the dancefloor smasher Cupido, The Stolen Photograph or the galactic The Creatures Are Having Fun With The Hollywood Dreamblaster will not fail to have a huge impact on the scene! Zillo said: 'The Goth Highlight of the Year!' Orkus said: 'A classic in the making! 9.5 out of 10 possible points!!!' Sonic Seducer said: 'For god's sake! Buy this album and be happy… excellent!!!'