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Strobelight Records.

Christian Death of the Catastrophe Ballet era, gothic spagetthi-western, bittersweet gruftie romance, Autobahn by Kraftwerk, The Doors, punk-rock, hysterically cackling and chuckling vocals on pleasantly diverse music. All this evokes clubs with intimate atmospheres and a crowd of lingering, angst-ridden goths, hundreds of them - the music plays loud and it shows a way out above, Cupid's shooting arrows of irony at the fire indicators, one day every fire gets extinguished and that's the day when MatR will write the tour diary in VR blogs, stylishly calling themselves "Murder at eBay".

All the hallmarks mentioned in the intro apply -in one way or another- to the tracks of the album compiled from the material of 10 years, or, 3 EPs. I could hardly point out any universal style mark of Murder at the Registry, as the intro track Cupido is towering in association to Christian Death while the epic 11-minute Freight Train builds upon the motif of Autobahn by Kraftwerk and sounds like the Fields of the Nephilim or The Doors at places. In other tracks old classic names emerge for moments, the general mood resembles Corpus Delicti. Electronics is nowhere to be found but you have an unlimited supply of echoing guitars and bass lines with seconds and thirds.

Fans of the Hungarian alter-dark-rock genre will love this material, among all the sadly tingling or desperately wailing guitars vocals of Thomas give you a feeling of safety, hold your hand and push you up the air vents, you'll get enough air up there and you can even be alone. Their material in the past 10 years hasn't changed a bit in terms of quality (but a lot in terms of sound and line-up) so you can't even experience the certain sound and quality glide of the retrospective compilations. This is top notch.

d4m4g3 (2003.11.30.)