MURDER AT THE REGISTRY - Filed '93 - '03
CD | Strobelight | 2003 | Gothic Rock


Blessed Curse
Das Lied Der Scwermuth
Always On The Brink
Death Passion
Freight Train
Wo Bin Ich?
The Stolen Photograph
The Creatures Are Having Fun With The Hollywood Dreamblaster
Frozen In Hesitation


Let’s call this debut album a compilation of three EPs. Murder At The Registry is a German band that combines the sounds of proto-punk, garage-punk and psychedelic of the 60's with the sound of gothic rock and deathrock of the '90 - '00’s. They started their activity in 1988, but the current/present nucleus exists about since 1991. In the past, Murder At The Registry is one of the bands that wished to remain 100% independent, so their discography includes only self- produced cassettes/ tapes and CDRs, or occasional appearances on compilations as "Hex Files Vol.1" or "Trinity Vol.1". Their sound, relatively constant along the years, is based on guitar, bass guitar, real drums, synth, occasionally other percussions too and the masculine voice is an instantly remarked presence. The lyrics are ok, without clichés about vampires, horror movies and other crapes. Most of them are in English, with on purpose exceptions (as "Das Lied Der Schwermuth" after "Thus Spoke Zarathustra" of Fr. Nietzsche). Back to "Filed: '93 - '03", the CD is a compilation that includes "Always On The Brink EP", "Blessed and Cursed EP" and "The Black Breakfast EP" and two songs from the cassette "Brainsongs" from 1993. Despite the fact that we speak of materials of different periods, the disk sounds unitary enough, as it would be an album and not a compilation. The songs have everything: rhythm, aggressiveness, feeling, atmosphere. The quality of the sound, for that the old materials to sound more closely to the new ones, is the merit of the same Bruno Kram (Das Ich – hi Bruno! :) ). The booklet contains the covers of all the three EPs, but unfortunately not the lyrics of the songs (some of the lyrics from "Blessed & Cursed EP" are found on the official website of the band). "Filed: '93 - '03” is a CD of first class, it would be better to place it in your personal CD-player for a couple of careful auditions, you’ll find a sound slightly different from what is now playing in gothic rock.
Mark: 9.5/10
Internet: http://www.murderattheregistry.com/