Human Disease - Our Flesh Deception

A very tense, and sinister intro opens this CD. Then a thin production makes the first song “Vial Of Misery” sink into quicksand. Pity, this can be said about most songs. The songs itself contain some catchy tunes, and nice ideas, but the production makes it sound like the band has the flue during the recording days. One exception is the song “Disclosed In Flesh”, which contains enough balls to convince.

As reference you might think of a variety of attempts to reach typical eighties The Cure (especially the vocals) to Killing Joke. With a better production, less cheap sounding keyboard, and bit more variety, this band could get big. They got the potential, it just hasn’t come out yet.

Band: Human Disease(int)
Label: Strobelight Records
Genre: gothic (gothic rock / (dark)wave / postpunk / batcave)
Grade: 7
Review by: Cor