Kin-Burst 9104

Label: Strobelight


Already the debut of Holland’s goth punk crew, „A Body And Birthmark“ (1994), offered great ear candy for the fans of the good, old stuff like Bauhaus, Sisters Of Mercy, March Violets or The Wake.

Shamefully the album didn’t get the attention it deserved, and also the following UK only album „Morphia“ (2001) wasn’t really in the awareness of media and people. After a limited picture vinyl last year they now sign with Strobelight and serve a best-of as their label debut. It’s a release meant for everyone who’s not familar with the band’s coolness goth as well as for people who were in search of special songs but not could get hold of them anymore. The recordings span from their first live tracks in the year ’91 and their debut phase ’94 until recent stuff from „Morphia“, the vinyl and even brand new songs. Crunchy creations reminding of the early 80‘s post punk/batcave era clatter through the speakers with dark energy, big melodies and the needed dose of charisma. There’s a good assortment of club tracks, for example the uptempo rocket „Echoes Of Despair“, the repetitive „Dance In Devachan“, „Life A$ Art“ with its dancy beats or the catchy „Lesser Diety“. Have a try, you won’t regret it.

Breda, 16 Oct 2004