FRANK THE BAPTIST | Different Degrees Of Empty | CD
Strobelight | 2003 | gothic rock

Falling Stars
Letters To Earth
Number One
Propellered Hearts
Silver Is Her Color
Echoes Of Never
Bleeding In My Arms
Eternal Autumn
On My Tongue
Swing The Pendulum

It seems that a new American deathrock generation pops up more and more in the international goth scene and Frank The Baptist is undoubtedly one of the bands that come to sustain this affirmation. "Different Degrees Of Empty" unifies the two EP's that FTB released so far and it's one of the two acts that the Austrian label Strobelight Records debuted with. As a melodic line, FTB is a classical goth-punk/deathrock band with masculine voice, electric guitar, bass and drums, and if you enjoy early 80's names such as Bauhaus, Play Dead, Christian Death, Screams for Tina or Skeletal Family, you will surely enjoy this CD too! It's not about a band that sounds anachronically - in '00 like in the 80'es; you will discover a modern sound, with a classical goth atmosphere, given by the 11 songs, out of which most interesting seemed to me "Letters To Earth" and "Echoes Of Never". I'll wait for the future album of this band, since, in my opinion, they display potential.
Mark: 9/10
Internet: www.frankthebaptist.com