FRANK THE BAPTIST - Beggars Would Ride
CD | Strobelight | 2004 | Gothic Rock


Signing Off
Queen Frostine
Faithless Aloysius
While Falling Apart
Eskimos And Butterflies
Different Degreees Of Empty
Beggars Would Ride
Old Hat
Vines On The Victrola
Come Home
All The Faces


I could barely wait to listen to this Frank The Baptist’s second CD, their first - "Different Degrees Of Empty" - being one of my favourites in 2003! I can swear that "Beggars Would Ride" rises to the level of the former, having no significant changes of sound. Although they belong to the 00's Californian deathrock scene, the FTB instrumentation resembles more the one of the British gothic-rock bands from the first half of the 80's, when bands like Play Dead, Danse Society, Bauhaus, Theatre Of Hate or Skeletal Family were the thing. The sound is clear and simple, quite punk, relying on electric guitars, real drums, occasionally keyboards; plus the special, unmistakeable voice of Frank, as well as good lyrics - that would be the brief description of what you will hear on this album. "Beggars Would Ride" contains 12 songs, one better than the other, including the extraordinary "All The Faces", which you probably already know from the "New Dark Age Vol. 1" compilation (also released by Strobelight Records). I shouldn't forget about "Signing Off", "While Falling Apart" or "Eskimos And Butterflies" either, songs I thoroughly enjoy!...Search for this album, don't miss it, especially if you listen to deathrock and gothic-rock, FTB are, in my oppinion, one of the bands with the greatest potential in the actual underground scene.
Mark: 9.5/10
Internet: http://www.frankthebaptist.com/
http:// www.strobelight-records.com/