Pressburger Gothic Journal

Frank The Baptist – Beggars Would Ride
(Strobelight Records)

Almost a year after the debut album from the californian formation Frank The Baptist, have their domestic label - Strobelight Records released a second album „Beggars Would Ride“. I remembered some of the songs from their concert in Duna already, and I have to say that they did not surprise me at all. The band is keeping their typical sound, which is not bad at all. This is to say the same, very well sounding, typical, american gothic rock (or death rock, if someone likes – cos I just cannot somehow put it into this box), just like on the first album. There are excellent guitars, busted drums and a real quality vocal of Frank. The album is so well balanced, that it is really difficult to find an exeption, within these 12 tracks. I find the album a bit more quality then the first one, the sound is more rich and various. I wonder what will FTB come with next. I believe they have things to say, yet.