Gothic Revue

EXCESSION - The Writing On The Wall

Have I been teleported back to the best era of music ever? AM I back in the eighties once again? This band “Excession” is a cross between Siouxsie (the Banshees) and Aimee Mann (Til’ Tuesday). Fast upbeat swirly rock with female vocals is what this is. Souls is a great song that makes my little Babybat want to dance every time she gets a chance to hear it. Yasmin and Dave are the masters behind this fine, eighties-esque band from London. I thought that bands like this ceased to exist at about 1988, but I guess I was wrong, Excession, I, Synthesist, Psyche, and Girls Under Glass ( All received just this month) prove this sound to still have some devotees out there making “retro new-wave” Well done ,Yasmin and Dave, well done.

Reviewed by Azrael