EVERY NEW DEAD GHOST - The Final Ascension

There is a steady demand for the re-release of recordings made by more obscure bands in various genres. Most of these recordings are out of print and collectors will have to gather all kinds of second hand vinyl and CD's in order to obtain the music of their choice. Strobelight Records has made things a lot easier for those interested in goth-rock. They've started the "Essentials" series, dedicated to acts whose records are either impossible to get hold of or who should be introduced and made available to a new generation of goth-et-altera fans. "The final ascension - a retrospective 88-92" is the first release in this series. So what has this first CD to offer? Every new dead ghost is a goth-rock quartet from Nottingham, founded in 1986. It more or less emerged out of Desolation, a one-man college band project by guitarist Trevor Bamford based around early drum machines, synths, samples and heavy punky guitars. The heavy guitars remained, but Every new dead ghost had a real drummer and the synths were on the background. This is a collection of vicious goth-rock, dynamic, energetic but not without melody and intelligence. The edgy guitars on the opener "Miranda" are reminiscent of Gene loves Jezebel, it's a vigorous, fast song, a real stomper! The bass work on "Hope cemetry" is in a classic 80's goth-rock/post-punk manner and it stands out among the other sounds. Singer Leigh Hunt's voice hasn't got a particularly large range, but he uses it well and he keeps it in perfect balance with the other instruments as he shows on "Not in a lifetime". Drummer Tony Hankins adds a propulsive element to "Assasin", the percussion gallops on top of the stormy guitars. He also plays an important role on "Lonely faces" with it's restless cymbals. Influences of Play dead (punk attitude), Killing Joke (high tempo, emphasis on rhythm) and The cult (heavy guitar sound) can be heared, but there is also a zest of Fields of the Nephilim. "Obvious" sounds more raw than other songs due to the guitars, a welcome variation on this slightly monotonous compilation. It's all up-tempo, moments of contemplation are scarce. A dash of typical post-punk guitars can be heard on "Naked thruth". If you became tired of all these hectic sounds you can reload your battery on the more gentle "Cages". "Hunters" hardly ever get's mentioned as one of their best songs, but the song has a definite charm and is an underrated treasure in the discography of Every new dead ghost. The closer "Sweat" is regrettably a rather mediocre song, maybe not the best choice to end such a good compilation. But... there is more on this CD than just audio, two video clips are included: live versions of "Not in a lifetime" (probably their most famous track) and "Cages". It gives you an idea of what the band was like on stage. The extensive booklet moreover gives you a lot of information about Every new dead ghost, like the fact that their first gig abroad was in the Netherlands. Strobelight's initiative to release the "Essentials" series is a welcome move for every "oldschool" goth-rock enthusiast and Every new dead ghost a fine band to start with.

Band: Every new dead ghost(int)
Label: Strobelight Records
Genre: gothic (gothic rock / (dark)wave / postpunk / batcave)
Type: cd
Grade: 8.3
Review by: Nightporter