Pressburger Gothic Journal

Chants Of Maldoror – Every Mask Tells The Truth
(Strobelight Records)

I had a chance to see this italian foursome Chants of Maldoror live, twice, and they reminded me of a good old Christian Death, mainly thanks to the vocalist named Adolphe (some kind of reincarnation of Rozz Williams). The whole album has a good sound, and eventhough I didn´t get rid of the old feeling, it´s enjoyably listenable. There are many experiments, and the band is not pushing it forcibly for the „dance hits“. Nothing uncovering and also nothing that would make Chants Of Maldoror (besides the other recent „stars“ of the goth scene) just an ordinary copy. The band uses electronics a lot but for a general „boxing“ would be more suitfull formulation death rock. Mainly songs like „Justine“, „We Stand Alone“ and „Wounded Canvas“ forced me to scutter while listening to it. Oh, and the beautifull digipack cover...