Interview with Zadera (English Version)
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venerdì 07 gennaio 2005

Let's begin telling us the history of the band. How the band is born? Which are the reasons that made you form the band?

Peter: It was formed by Michele and Conny back in the year 2000. Both knew what the band should sound like, a Deathrock-Batcave-Punk blend catching the spell and the fascination of the 80ies because both were big fans of such kind of music from the beginning. After some attempts and failures with different members first Jenny and then Peter joined the Band around 2002. Since then we began to develop a unique sound and wrote a lot of songs.

Your album "Circulation" blends classical 80's goth sounds (X-Mal Deustchland, Malaria, Siouxsie) with quite ethereal elements, maybe by the utilisation of the voice and of some arrangements.How are Zadera's songs born ?

Peter: "Circulation" cannot be called an Album! It was the Demo we recorded before having the chance to record "something red" which is the Debutalbum that was released in October this year (2004) on Strobelight Records.

How Songs are born? Well somebody has an idea (mostly its Michele or Peter being the instrumentalists), brings it into the rehearsing place and then we work on it. When it is a guitar melody or a riff at first it’s the bassline that follows then drums and the voice. Most of the texts were written by Conny in German and are then translated into English. That’s it.

In the near future, your next album will be out...would you like to talk about us of that?

Peter: The album is out since Oktober already. Well, what shall I say? We were really pleased when Strobelight said they would release it when we only would record it. So we went into studio in August, had 2 weeks of hard work and in October the album was out and we were all happy with the results. Basically most of the songs of the album are a bit older but they never sounded that good before. (Like for instance on the Circulation Demo).

There will be a change of directin in your style? How was the work done, seeing it from the 'compositive' point of view?

Peter: The songs were complete and ready to record when we went into the studio. All we did was working with the vocals once the basic tracks had been done. At points Conny was really desperate but the next moment she sang and shouted that we could only watch open mouthed, being impressed.

You are Germans...Tell us a opinion of yours about the scene, that it's very followed in the place you live ..... and gives birth to many interesting bands and projects?

Peter: If you speak of the so-called Batcave/Deathrock scene it is still not that big. Most of the people you know at least by the name though they are all from different places within Germany. But you are right; there are really a lot of interesting bands and projects. And it still grows. The attention this scene gets in the moment is good. A few years back only a few established Batcave/Deathrock bands got all the attention. Now it’s also the new things and people are rather open to upcoming bands.

Are you going on tour ? What does strike you about the live aspect ?

Peter: You can’t imagin how clad we would be to go on a tour! Right at the moment we spent our Weekends driving to somewhere in Germany to play and then drive back home! Two or three weeks touring would be great. We will see what time brings. We are in fact more a live band than a studio band. Live you have direct feedback. You see what people respond to your music and what people don’t. But we are still learning: What does an audience like, what does it not like and so on. After all a ZADERA gig is a little punk-theater, show elements always play a role and will even more in the future.

Would you like to collaborate with some artists of the scene o did you already made any collaboration?

Peter: We didnt have a collaboration so far. Maybe sometime in the future! But I can’t imagin with whom we would like to work. I guess we wouldn’t collaborate with someone from the scene but rather with sombody from outside it, bringing new influences into our music. We recently organized a little festival to celebrate our release and we had a lot of bands from Magdeburg playing. Magdeburg has a lot of good musicians from all kinds of scenes and maybe we will collaborate with one of them. But we will see.

What is hidden behind any track? Which sensations bring you to write and to create a song?

Peter: A lot of the songs are about people and their difficulties. Some are purely fantastic; others are inspired by daily life. "Through the pale door" for instance is an invitation to follow us into the "ZADERA-world". "Shame" makes a statement against rape and child abuse. All things that trouble Conny could make her write lyrics and so that are the things the songs are about.

Is there anything that makes you odd? Passions, joys, pains .... what's hidden behind Zadera?

Peter: You know what kind of passion Michele and Peter share?! Its Table Soccer or Kicker how its called in Germany. We recently had a Gig in Leipzig and there was a kicker table. But no ball! So both ran around asking every guest to help them out with a Deodorant Roll-on, you know these perfume sticks with a ball on top. Finally they got lost for an hour! They had been to the station to buy such thing to have a ball to play! The people must have thought these guys are lunatics. That’s a passion apart from music for instance. Conny likes Live-Role-plays. A passion she recently discovered. That’s basically it! Did you mean such passion, joys?

Let's close this interview ...tell me a sentence that you are often repeating to yourself in these days ....

Peter: That’s a tough question and to be honest we need to reassure ourselves regularly that everything concerning the Band is on a good way! We do not really believe that. Now that the CD is released everything has to be taken a bit more serious but not too serious. That’s what we keep repeating to ourselves these days! Thanks a lot for your interest this interview and your support!!!!!!