Interview with The Last Days of Jesus (English Version)
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mercoledì 13 ottobre 2004

Your last work “Alien Road” have a jazzistic approach in some tracks, the structure of some arrangements moves away a lot from the classic deathrock rules. A thing that I found amazing... Is it only an impression of mine or is there anything right in this vision?
Mary0: Hard to say if jazz is the right word, but we are okay if you feel it like this. Many people have the impression, that this album is in some way different from conventional contemporary records, but many of them cannot find the right name for this difference. We are quite happy about this, because we did not want to be a copy of such „classical“ stuff, to go just the known paths. Each member of our band is an individuality, this is what our music is based upon, everybody brings his own feelings into it but the result is not allowed to be too incoherent, anyway, if this results in jazzy or other distortions – I really do not know and maybe we do not care. The main thing is that we like the music and if it can captivate also other people, that is great.

Are there differences between “Songs from Psycho TV” and this new work? Which type of metod you followed in the creation of the lyrics and of the music?

Mary0: There are obviously some differences or shifts compared to the Psycho TV album, it came naturally. From our point of view we used less electronic elements and samples, the music has less layers. Our goal was to make this record cleaner, straighter and maybe more old-school-oriented. The lyrics expand the ideas introduced on Songs from the Psycho TV, some of them could be used also on this new album. But first of all we always want our records to sound like us.

There is a strong “circus aspect” in your sound, a sort of psychopatic carnival, where you could be the ideal musical score. What makes you create this type of atmosphere?

Mary0: We like this atmosphere very much. Through it we can describe our feelings much better and explain our ideas about the world to the listeners. It is about the world around us filtrated through our own brains. It is insane, tragicomical… It can make you laughing but at the same time it can make you sad. I intentionally do not want to be concrete, everybody can find the themes in our music by himself.

Your cd live “Monsters paranoia circus”, shows in the best possible way the dimension of The Last Days of Jesus, a direct/front impact. How do you challenge every show?

Mary0: We have always been a live band, so everything on the stage comes naturally and spontaneously, there is no special scenario or procedure behind it.

In my opinion (and also for other people), you are one of the new bands of the odiern scene, that has something to tell, and doesn’t care about the usual cliches of the genre; without copying from the past or resulting a clone from the 80’s. Which are your thoughts about that?

Mary0: We like it if people think something like this or if they perceive our music in this way. We were influnced by many bands and things of course, and we still are, but our creations are our own ideas and fantasies. Our music is the crossing-point of our thoughts and reactions on things that are just happening. If we could or wanted to identify ourselves completely with something we obviously never wanted to create and became another revival or tribute band.

Aliens...humanoid...angels...devils...religion...what’s the matter with you?

Mary0: Those things make me crazy...

Your name is surely something difficult for many people as Sex Gang Children years ago. Who have the idea for the name? How do you imagine Chirst’s last days in the history?

Mary0: Frankly speaking it was my idea. I saw this as a headline on the title page of US News and those words just evoked many thoughts and feelings inside of me without reading the article. Finally, in the past, controversies around Jesus’ last days created a new religion. It is giving hope to some people, but at the same time it can be frightening the others. Everybody can have his own idea how it really was, but you will never prove your opinion and I will never be able to disprove it. This means that opinions on different themes are different too, and there is sometimes no clear end or just a simple solution, even we wished it was. This is the main point of our lyrics – to offer different opinions and ideas.

Which type of relationship have you got with the so-called “new deathrock scene”? And which are your opinions about the re-discover and the reinassance of the genre?

Mary0: This "rediscovery“ brings all the pro and contra like anything else. It is fine that something like this happened, on the other hand it seems also logical. Even it still could be better:-) It is obvious, that people cannot stand all this goth-metal or dark-dancefloor bullshit anymore. My relation to the „new“ deathrock scene is quite positive. There are many self-styled deathrock bands which are just shit, but a normally thinking human being still can choose and separate the rubbish. Of course everybody has his own right to choose, an important thing is the definition and the playground of the genre, or is it not important? This again is a matter of an own interpretation. And not everything created in the 80s, like goth rock, batcave or deathrock was good and with quality, like many DJs are presenting it today. It is often just about a kind of DJ-prestige to come up with a rediscovered band and play it as the first one.

You already wrote the musical score for a theatral play “Gotica”. How did you feel about? Which things did this experience give to you? Would you be curious to make it again, maybe for a movie or cartoon?

Mary0: Our music (14 tracks) was chosen by the director of the theater play Karol Vosatko, we just remixed it a bit. He thought our music would express best the atmosphere and the situations of the piece. It is about people’s relations in the middle of the 90s, i.e. 6 years after the anti-communist revolution, when the society changed deeply and the differences and contradictions inside of it were growing rapidly, both economically and socially. We always like to co-operate with various artists, it is exciting to see how we influence eachother and our ideas are formed. And last but not least, each artist has his own visions, so each theme can get completely different dimensions.

When will you come to Italy for a concert? Please hurry!!!

Mary0: If everything goes fine we should come already this year or in January 2005 at the latest. Be checking out our website for new dates (

A last thing... a thinking for closing the interview...

Mary0: ...when everything seems to be so hopeless, whole house is ghastly, deadly & cold, take it easy - have no spleen, it’s just another HALLOWEEN...

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