Band: Screams For Tina
Interviewer: Julie Johnson
Date: 2/16/04

Legendary L.A. deathrockers "Screams For Tina" have returned with 2003 A.D. late last year. With the release of the this CD it rasied a lot of questions and rasied some new issues with the band. Grave Concerns E-zine is honored to present you this interview with Screams For Tina. I recently was able to catch up with Warren to see how things are going.

Hi Warren, how are you doing these days?

A: Very busy. We've had a pretty rough year all around . Honestly, the only real highlight was getting the new CD released.

How do you feel the deathrock/ gothic scene has welcomed your return after >being away for so long?

A: So far, it's been with open arms, tons of enthusiasm and a lot of encouragement! We didn't have any idea what to expect, at all. Everything that's happening right now has grown from some pretty simple and unexpected situations and contacts that materialized in mid-to-late 2002. The new song "Life of Sin" was put on a compilation... which led to a review in Gothic Beauty... which led to an interview in NewGrave magazine... and so forth and so on. All of it was pretty much made possible by long time fans who were excited at just the thought of us having new material to hear. Our only hope at the time was that the strides we were making would matter to someone else besides ourselves. Obviously, they have we and we're in awe of the response we've been receiving. Really fantastic.

I am sure you have been asked this question a lot, but what made you decide to release 2003 AD last year?

A: Well, around the time we decided to split up, we'd already written and begun recording songs for a new album. But, those sessions lost momentum and eventually came to an end. It was just really sad to think it was all over and that Screams', as a band, might never be heard from again. It was probably THAT idea... that we didn't want to just disappear forever with only one full album release to our credit that was the 'smoldering ember' that refused to go out and eventually had to be acted upon. But, as we picked things up again, it was always people's encouragement and hope-filled wishes that kept us moving forward.

Do you feel long time Screams For Tina fans will wonder if it will be a longtime again before they hear more songs?

A: After the way our recent history has played out, I'm sure they will. We've already received a lot of emails inquiring about when the album will be out. We were hoping the new EP would hold everyone over 'till then, but, it seems to have only fueled people's anticipation. In any event... it won't be another ten years... or anything remotely close to that this time around.

How will you try to encourage older fans to give this CD a listen?

A: I think the easiest thing to say is that; If you liked the sound you heard from us in the past, you'll LOVE what's on the new EP. We've never sounded better. The production is first rate and we haven't lost our edge over the years... unlike some bands who seem to 'soften up' as they mature or get older. We have a lot of hardcore fans around the World though, who have never forgotten us... who have been waiting, patiently, for us to do something again... and never gave up hope.... this EP, and the forthcoming album is for them. But, the other side of the coin involves gaining NEW listeners... , they're important to us as well. Hopefully all the articles, reviews and positive press the EP has been generating will help expand the audience we already have.

Now with your new release out, do you feel the Deathrock scene has changed?In your eyes has it gotten stronger, or weaker?

A: I think the whole thing has gotten a lot stronger over the years. Technology has played a big role in making it easier to create sounds and for more people to form bands, and get involved. The internet has brought the global scene closer together as well. During our abscence things have definetly become more musically diverse, which is good in some ways, but at the same time seems to have created some divisions among the ranks... as far as let's say the electronic as opposed to the guitar based audiences. But, there's more widespread acceptance of darker music in general... it's a darker World these days.

Now with your return, do you feel more bands from the eighties might want to give it a try again, and who would you like to see make a return?

A: In don't know if I'm aware that we're leading the way or anything like that. It's like we're still following and being inspired by bands like Killing Joke, who just put out a pretty aggresive sound on their latest CD. If our return inspires others, that would be great. Inspiration can be quite a powerful thing. The fact that people still want to hear our music after all this time, inspires me to no end.

As far as groups I'd like to see come back... I'd have to say Play Dead... and perhaps if John Foxx could muster up something along the lines of early Ultravox... THAT, would excite me as well.

Do you feel like Screams For Tina is still a legendary and highly respected among the deathrock scene?

A: I think we certainly deserve a high level of respect. We've always strived to put our musical integrity first, over image, outrageous looks, or gimmicks. .. which may not be the smartest thing to do, as they seem to go a long way in this genre.As far as being legendary... I don't know... You have to have a pretty big ego to sit there and call yourself that. We never really entertained that idea until we got emails from fans in different parts of the World telling us that people in the scene where they live considered us as such.

The thing that I'm most proud of is that we're an original band... y'know, we came from nothing... we're not one of the umpteenth offshoots from Christian Death... or using someone else's name to boost our credibility. We had a vision... we followed it... were cited as Gothic kingpins by the press in a major city like L.A. and almost 20 years later ,we're noted as being influences on other bands and people are still hungry for our music. That says a hell of a lot in itself, no matter what label you want to slap on it.

What do you have in store for the 2004?

A: The main thing is striving to get the full album out. Plus we've had more requests to play live than we can handle. It's possible we may get over to Europe to do the Judgement Day festival for our label, Strobelight Records and possibly the Drop Dead festival in N.Y. in August. We've got some major hurdles to go over to be able to do those things, but, we'll see!

Will the official Screams For Tina website have more info this year as it has been under construction for a long time?

A: Yeah, our new site at is finally up and running!! There'slots to see and hear there, with a direct link to the label featuring info on the new EP and links to other sites. I think people will like it a lot.We spent a long time on its details.

Julie: I would like to give Warren a huge shout out right here. Thanks for doing this interview on Grave Concerns. It has been great communicating with you. Last year with the "2003 A.D." came out I was so excited to hear it, and I think many others were also very glad to hear new music. I know that there is a lot going on right now with Screams For Tina to work out. I really hope that everything does come together and they we all hear more Screams For Tina in the near future. Please continue to make music! On February 14, 2004 Scream for Tina gave the press a statement that you can also read here on Grave Concerns E-zine. We will keep all you up to date with the latest Screams For Tina happenings here on Grave Concerns!