Interview with Miguel & The Living Dead
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martedì 05 aprile 2005

1- When Miguel & The Living Dead came out from the grave? Who's hiding behind this group of living dead?

We came out of graves about half of 2001. I was the first resurrected one, the rest came bit later. At the moment we play in a five-piece line up: Slavik (voc.), Killer Klaus (bass), Niuniek El Diablo (dr.), Goozollini (keyb.) and me (guitar, voc. and some other activities).

2- While listening yours demo I've noticed an attitude very psychobilly. On what your sound is based?

Yes, psychobilly and basicly whole primal rock’n’roll music were very important inspirations to us. We are an eclectic band, try to mix old school gothic punk tunes, deathrock, post punk, 80’s new wave with spooky rock’n’roll, psycho, garage, surf, country, even some mod & ska energy. We love to play freely with all this sounds. It’s so exciting! I’m really sick of some contemporary narrow minded deathrock / goth bands…

3- In my opinion, the sing part is a wonderful hybrid between Mike Patton, Glenn Danzig and Elvis Presley... What do you think about it? It's quite far from the usual way of singing of nowadays' bands (like Cinemastrange, bd&s), it doesn't feel like a clone... it is, according to me, a deathrock revival of the 50's r&r tradition.

Yes! That’s exactly what we try to gain. You are very perceptive one! The last thing we want is to be a clone of any other band. Slavik’s voice is unique, and you’re right – he doesn’t sing like nowadays’ new deathrock signers, which are rather inspired by Sex Gang / Friday / Williams way of singing. I like them a lot, but I’m happy that Slavik’s voice is completely different, more into vein of David Vanian, Lux Interior or Mike Patton – you’re right.

4- Do you want to speak about the demo, the songs...for those people who've not ear it?

What can I say? It's easy to order via our website, so do this or check some sample tunes in audio section. There's no need to talk more about the music when it's easy available.

5- How come, in your opinion, horror perfectly matches this kind of music? What made you decide to adopt this kind of monicker?

I always loved s-f & horror movies, books, comics etc. I even can’t imagine, that we could connect our music to other kind of mood, image or lyrics. I’m really having fun when I look at all these young serious and pretentious band that sing about love, hate, god, politics, metaphysical – existentialist - mental problems and crap like this. It’s so ridiculous and pathetic… We are just a few punk fellows and all we want to do is to have fun playing our music. Bands like Alien Sex Fiend, The Damned or 45 Grave can be an examples of our attitude.

6- A lot of interesting bands are coming up from eastern Europe... you, LDOJ, DHM... Siekiera years ago... tell us your opinion. How's the scene like in your area? How is it developing?

Polish punk / new wave / goth scene was very strong during 80’s. We had really amazing bands which weren’t known worldwide, although they deserved it a lot. Siekiera, One Million Bulgarians, Variete, Made In Poland, Madame, 1984, Armia, Brygada Kryzys, Kosmetyki Mrs Pinki, Joanna Makabresku – to mention the finest ones. Some of them split up, some are still playing, but today it’s hard to say about any “scene”. Polish punk and goth scenes are now completely separated and nothing worth of attention happens there. Especially goth scene in Poland sucks! It’s dominated by dummy metalheads or trance-industrial-EBM kids, which consider themselves a “goths”. It’s ridiculous… We have some kind of neo-postpunk / coldwave music and great bands like DHM or Wieze Fabryk, but it’s not any scene, just a particular bands. And all in all the same lonely band is Miguel & The Living Dead. We try to bring punk / rock’n’roll music back into a goth scene, try to remind all these kids what are real origins and roots of goth music, but general situation sucks a lot! And as I know The Last Days Of Jesus have the same problem in Slovakia…

7-What are the things of music that fascinate you? Can you still wonder like few years ago?

Yes, of course! There are a lot of great bands all over the world! Probably every 2-3 weeks I discover some fantastic band. I listen to all kinds of music, but if we talk about nowadays’ deathrock / post punk / gothabilly genres - I love especially crews from United States like Phantom Limbs, Weegs, Sixteens, Cult Of The Psychic Fetus, Turn Pale, Hayride To Hell, The Tunnel Of Love, Vanishing (well, they’re from Europe now…), Baby Shower, The Rosedales, Sin City Ghouls, Bloodjunkies, Igor Spectre and many more… I’m sorry to say this, but European bands are much, much worse. There’s too many “gothic” romanticism and these bands are to me a bit sulky and mannered. But in spite of this there are a few great bands in Europe, especially Popoi Sdioh, Eighties Matchbox B-line Disaster, The Last Days Of Jesus, Tchiki Boum or Fifty Foot Combo.

8- How long it will take before the new album comes out? Been working on new material? What do we must expect from you?

Actually we are recording stuff for album at the moment! We want to finish this matter until the half of march. There are a lot of new Miguel’s songs. If you know our demo you will not be disappointed, but you may be a bit surprised, because in our “live” arrangement (demo were: me + Slavik + computer) songs sound more into a garage / rock’n’roll vein, especially guitars and drums.

But don’t worry, we haven’t suddenly started to play like Bob Dylan or Rolling Stones. It’s still hellish deathrock / goth punk, but our 50’s rock’n’roll / garage fascinations are now more listenable thanx to our new line up.

9- Well...the interview is finished...thanks a lot for your kindness...just one thing....closed this interview in your way....

Thanx Cabiria for this interview and all support! All the best with – really cool website. Thanx also to all our fans and friends in Italy – you know who you are… Keep on deathrockin’!!!

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