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Progressive Deathrock from Salt Lake City.

TRAGIC BLACK is a four-piece band from Salt Lake City and is amongst the most active and dedicated modern Deathrock bands.

The band currently has a release set for summer 2007 for a brand new CD "THE COLD CARESS" on Strobelight Records. The Cold Caress is a concept album based on the story "...in the cold caress" written by Vision. The sound of The Cold Caress can be described as a mixture of melodic batcave glam, new wave deathrock, old goth post-punk, and electro dance.

Whereas their debut album "THE DECADENT REQUIEM" with its wildness was related to the element of fire, The Cold Caress is the "water"-album: cold, but never lacking power The Cold Caress is a modern masterpiece of end-times-Deathrock with tasteful electronic support.

With dancefloor smashers such as "Bodies On The Avenue" and more traditional Batcave-hymns such as "June‘s Dying" on the one hand, deathrock new wave dance songs such as "Sink In" or "Red Lights Dance", melodic batcave songs such as "The Garden of Disease", "Blood N' Bones" and "Les Photos Restent" and more Glam rock songs like "The Cold Caress" and "Aparicion" on the other, the band around frontman vISION skilfully bridges this scene's origins and the today like noone else! And from amidst this comes their excellent choice for a cover version: „Reptile“ by Melancholic-Wave-Rockers THE CHURCH.

While the current line up; Vision - Vocals, Vyle - Bass, Seputus - Drums, and Jesse James - Guitar is somewhat new, the founding members Vision and Vyle have released various self-released CD's since their inception in 2000. Released "The Decadent Requiem" on Strobelight Records in February 2006, and have numerous compilation & magazine appearances worldwide. Performed many concerts and festivals all over the USA as well as the WAVE GOTIK TREFFEN festival in Leipzig Germany.

Feel the freezing touch of The Cold Caress. A tour in Europe, Mexico and more dates will be announced soon!

New Album CD "The Cold Caress"

Release date: 17. August 2007

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1. Bodies on the Avenue
2. Blood N' Bones
3. The Cold Caress
4. Les Photos Restent
5. June's Dying
6. The Garden of Disease
7. Reptile
8. Sink In
9. Red Lights Dance
10. Missing Miles
11. Seashell Radio
12. Schneid Das Blau
13. Aparicion


New Album CD "The Decadent Requiem"

Release date: February 17, 2006

 1. In-toxic-Nation (The Doom Generation)
2. Circuit 3
3. Surreal Catharsis
4. Suburbian Dystopia
5. Incinerate
6. Mad Hatter
7. Lost Time
8. Fading Echoes
9. Faith In Decay
10. Elegy
11. Smeared Eyes
12. The Decadent Requiem (The Awakening)
13. Parasitism
14. Holding Hands

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