Classics..? Here you are:

It's been a tough ride, but, as they mostly are, it was worth it: STROBELIGHTS 3 will be released in January 2006, and immediately sets the standards for now and the near future.

Arrogant? Only partially, and do you know why that is: because we are the fans, observing and evaluating what somebody else has done.

Whereas volumes 1 and 2 had been compiled by Strobelight-Records-personell, volume 3 has been fought with by someone outside, if you want... (Carsten, namely... cheers!), who has brought something in that had been missing on the inside before... at least here and there. Nevertheless, or probably even BECAUSE OF that, vol.3 is a true and worthy sequel, pursuing the original idea, adding further CLASSICS beyond all question, further FACETS without ever disrupting the original concept, further COUNTRIES, and further FIRST-TIME-ON-CD-gifts for us lucky bastards (and that includes YOU!)... so you see, there's another "No-Risk"-security sampler for lovers of all things true.

Wave / Goth / Postpunk / Batcave / Deathrock; Big Names, known to many, and Big Names, known to not enough people; all in all Big Names that get played far too seldom... it's all there:

1. And Also The Trees - so this is silence
2. Leningrad Sandwich - deadline
3. XMal Deutschland - begrab mein herz
4. Fields Of The Nephilim - trees come down (live 88)
5. Strange Boutique - the kindest worlds
6. Autumn - how it came to be this way
7. Marquee Moon - prince of darkness
8. The Lustkillers - swamp love
9. Red Temple Spirits - dark spirits
10. Siekiera - juz blisko
11. Neva - louchald
12. System 56 - you're only dreaming
13. Jad Wio - cellar dance
14. Siglo XX - answer
15. Party Day - atoms
16. For Against - december
17. Cancer Barrack - letztes gebet

Released on 27. Jan. 2006