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The Rebirth Of Cool

After ten years of silence, US-Goth legend SCREAMS FOR TINA returns with their first new offerings of breathtaking first-class American Gothic.

SFT-Mastermind Warren Mansfield's absolutely unique voice that so perfectly knows how to combine the aspects of total coolness on the one hand, and natural gloom on the other, reigns sovereignly as ever over SFT-infused layers of biting guitars, pumping bass and driving drums. "Standing In The Rain" is an instant hymn for all eternity...

There is a God.


Their appearence on the legendary "AMERICAN GOTHIC" compilation from 1988 established them as one of the most respected and popular bands of the Californian Gothic and Deathrock scene, building up their reputation as cult stars in especially Central and Southern Europe. DEATHROCK.COM writes:

"SCREAMS FOR TINA arose out of the Los Angeles deathrock scene in the mid eighties, in the wake of bands like Christian Death, Voodoo Church, and Kommunity FK. Their sound was decidedly moodier and more "gothic", as the genre that was defined in LAs gloom and doom punk offshoot, was becoming more and more mature. They were infamous performers at Hollywood, Los Angeles clubs like Scream, Zombie Zoo, Krypt, and more, and had the opportunity to play with some of the finest bands on tour from the UK.

Their debut LP, "Strobelight Funeral" is a deathrock classic. They eventually followed up with the major release of their self titled CD on Cleopatra records. After a successful and legendary career with a devoted following, Screams For Tina disappeared.

Until Now."

That's right: with 2003 A.D. SCREAMS FOR TINA return to re-gain their throne. The world will never be the same again.

new CD-EP
"20003 A.D." (STROB 003)


4 Tracks:

1. Standing In The Rain
2. Life Of Sin
3. Ranjipur
4. Eleven Eleven


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