13. May 2013

Oh, it's coming; it's coming soon! On May 31, 2013, we'll be releasing "reflect << rewind" by Australia's premier Gothic Rock band of the 90's, SUBTERFUGE.

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With their mini album "Darkland Awakening" (1994) their only "proper release" they've managed to create anthems of the genre that will reverberate forever. "reflect << rewind" is a comprehensive retrospective of their body of work including all their hits, unreleased songs, demo-tracks, alternative versions and an exciting cover version of ROSETTA STONE's "Six Before Dawn". A multicoloured booklet tells their story in words and pictures. You see: great stuff.

Here's a video teaser:

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22. January 2012

HEARTS FAIL hail from Texas/USA and have been long time favourites here at STROBELIGHT RECORDS. So we're tremendously proud to announce FIRES IN THE NIGHT, a retrospective overview of the band's rich and intriguing work so far - but also with a powerful promise of things to come. Not only musically: from early diamonds such as "Wishing Well", also featured in our NEW DARK AGE compilation series, to their current EP "...Other Blessings" and a yet unreleased stomper of a song "Victims". But also with its opulent 20 page booklet full of lyrics, pics and info on the band and their history so far.

If you're into melodic Post Punk in the tradition of THE CHAMELEONS, THE SOUND or PINK TURNS BLUE and appreciate related bands such as INTERPOL and THE O CHILDREN, FIRES IN THE NIGHT won't let go of you! It's not often that a band stays true to themselves in the best sense of the word and shows such a degree of variation at the same time, while all the while keeping such a high level of captivating intensity in their work: both lyrically and musically. In other words: great stuff, people!

FIRES IN THE NIGHT will be released in March 2012. You don't wanna miss it!

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10. May 2011

Grab your crimpers!

90's Gothic Rock. That's a genre, a style of rock, and as such not bound to a certain decade even though it came into being then and hence sort of "hails from there". How incredibly diverse this genre was even in its "own" decade, so to speak, and how it was embedded in its subcultural niche is shown on ANOTHER GIFT FROM GOTH; a double CD full of exciting bands from 15 countries and an abundance of photos, flyers, record covers, buttons, gig set lists and other memorabilia. AGFG is the third part of our ESSENTIALS series and its official release date will be June 17, but we're pretty confident that we'll have it with us at this year's WAVE-GOTIK-TREFFEN in Leipzig. So if you can't wait: come and say hi!



THE LAST DAYS OF JESUS return with a truly exceptional and great idea: an EP with cover versions of legendary songs from communist Eastern Europe of the 1980's. After countless gigs finally on CD! THE LAST DAYS OF JESUS will play at this year's WAVE-GOTIK-TREFFEN and of course "ONCE UPON A TIME IN THE EAST" will be available there, too. Dont's miss either the gig or this record!


08. September 2010

Just two more days, people! On September 10, 2010, we'll release STORM, the brand new stomper of an album by German-British cult band PINK TURNS BLUE. Overdue and desperately awaited.


After having entered the official German Alternative Charts DAC at number 5, PINK TURNS BLUE currently hold position 3, surrounded almost exclusively by electronic acts such as DEINE LAKAIEN or COMBICHRIST and leaving strong players such as EVILS TOY, UNDERWORLD or LEAETHERSTRIP behind. We're happy and congratulate MIC & Co!


14. November 2009

Not long now: on November 20 "LOW CLOUD MEDICINE", TELEGRAM FRANK's debut album will be released; as you all surely know, this is the new solo baby by the mastermind of STROBELIGHT RECORDS' first ever signing, the great FRANK THE BAPTIST!:

Pester your record shop!


22. August 2009

Ta-taaa! Autumn's gonna be great:

VOODOO CHURCH return with a smasher of an album to be released in November 2009! Darker, more melodic and tremendously powerful. The new album "Eminence Of Demons" unites all the strengths of this exceptional band around TINA WINTER whose unique vocal performance is more captivating than ever before. Furthermore: VOODOO CHURCH's original guitarist/co-founder, BOB REIMERis back! Tina Winter and Bob Reimer's unique blend of song writing not only made a legendary debut in the band's first release but has also made a strong return in "Eminence of Demons".

Accompanying Tina and Bob is co-songwriter, RANDALL COLE from "Unholy Burial" on guitar, drums and programming. This new release will also feature amazing guest appearances from, DANNY FRANKENSTEIN (Shadow Project, Electric Frankenstein) on bass and the legendary RIKK AGNEW (CHRISTIAN DEATH, ADOLESCENTS, D.I.) with additional guitars. The songs on "Eminence of Demons" not only picks up where "Unholy Burial" left off but goes further into deeper and darker places. More details to follow soon.


22. March 2009

Ahh... please ENJOY THIS::

24. August 2008

Hey, Goffic Rockers, pack your bags, polish your boots and don't forget your sun blocker when heading off for THIS:::::::::


27. January 2008

True, our latest sign of life has been a while, but we've got exciting things in the pipeline which we'll announce very soon... in the meantime we're ALL looking forward to THIS:

For further infos click : www.nightmarezone.de und www.remembrance-daze.com


30. September 2007

TRAGIC BLACK are coming to tour Europe for the first time this November! And they're bringing along STICH of ALL GONE DAD, who had been a member of Tragic Black before moving to England... so you BETTER DON'T MISS!


19. September 2007


And: TA-TAAA: yes, TRAGIC BLACK are coming to tour the old continent! STAY TUNED for further info!!!


10. August 2007



24. July 2007

HERE you'll find details on the upcoming fantastic new TRAGIC BLACK album "The Cold Caress"... and there will be a bunch of RELEASE PARTIES, too, so do check in again soon!


26. June 2007

We're happy to announce the following spectacular releases:

now, we're sure you can't wait for this summer to finally end... do come back for further details soon!


2. June 2007

Greetings to all who visited us at this year's WGT! We had a blast, especially at the glorious WHEN WE WERE YOUNG parties... KLICK HERE for a few impressions.



17. May 2007

Make sure to see the most exciting shows at this year's WAVE-GOTIK-TREFFEN:


1. May 2007

Just in time for their WAVE-GOTIK-TREFFEN gig Magdeburg Post-Punks / Deathrockers ZADERA will have available their new album "Über die Jahre" ("over the years"). After line-up changes and an intense songwriting process their new album is a definite step forward from their 2004 debut album "...something red" while maintaining their trademark freshness. You'll find dancefloor stompers such an "Venom" - known from the NEW DARK AGE vol.4 compilation - as well as melancholic power ballads that make ZADERA such a unique phenomenon in this scene. Officially available in stores from June 15.

Incomparable Progressive-Deathrockers TRAGIC BLACK have just finished recording their highly anticipated follow-up album to their successful "THE DECADENT REQUIEM" debut CD! "THE COLD CARESS" will be released this summer on August 17. Whereas "THE DECADENT REQUIEM" with its wildness was related to the element of fire, "THE COLD CARESS" is the "water"-album: cold, but never lacking power, "THE COLD CARESS" is a modern masterpiece of end-times-Deathrock with tasteful electronic support. With dancefloor smashers such as "Bodies On The Avenue" and more traditional Batcave-hymns such as "Junes Dying" the band around frontman vISION skilfully bridges this scene's origins and the today like noone else! Officially available in stores from August 17.


30. April 2007

Live-Action in Bella Italia, presented by our friends at ASCENSION PROMOTIONS:

Friday 4th of May, 2007

Friday 18th of May

THE LAST DAYS OF JESUS + other bands
Saturday 19th of May, 2007


10. April 2007

ta-taa: KLICK HERE for RECORD RELEASE PARTIES of the new THE LAST DAYS OF JESUS album "Dead Machines' Revolution!"


8. April 2007

Don't miss FRANK THE BAPTIST LIVE IN CONCERT at these two special occasions:


5. March 2007

Prepare to be delighted:


On April 20 Bizzarro-Deathrockers THE LAST DAYS OF JESUS will release their long awaited follow-up to their successful "Alien Road" album: "Dead Machines' Revolution"! 12 manic songs on industrial world domination and schizophrenic alienation. Join the revolution, suckers, preferably at one of their upcoming gigs such as JUDGEMENT DAY 10 Festival in Dornbirn/Austria or the WAVE-GOTIK-TREFFEN in Leipzig/Germany!


And on May 18 German/UK cult band PINK TURNS BLUE will release their brand new album CD "Ghost" on STROBELIGHT Records. This magnificent new record will first appear as a digi-pak edition limited to 3.000 copies, so make sure to secure one of those fast! 11 songs in unmistakable PTB-manner, full of melancholic power and post-punk grace. Don't miss PINK TURNS BLUE at their exclusive and special WAVE-GOTIK-TREFFEN-concert this year in Leipzig!



15. February 2007

Celebrate the release of the outstanding new FRANK THE BAPTIST album "The New Colossus" at THESE RELEASE PARTIES:

3. February 2007

Before we announce our upcoming FABULOUS news, may we please direct your attention to THESE GREAT NITE-OUTS:

FRANK THE BAPTIST and VOICES OF MASADA will perform, along with a great number of superb bands such as CINEMA STRANGE, JACQUY BITCH, KATZENJAMMER KABARRET, etc...........




24. January 2007

New FRANK THE BAPTIST album "THE NEW COLOSSUS" will be released on 2. March 2007!

Yeees, you better believe it; the new FRANK THE BAPTIST line-up, having chosen BERLIN as their headquarters, has finished recording their fantastic new and third album "THE NEW COLOSSUS", and you lucky apostels will be able to obtain your copies in a couple of weeks.

KLICK HERE for further info.

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