It's taken us a while, but here we are at last: our first compilation ! The first of a series.

The purpose of NEW DARK AGE vol. 1and its successors stems from a tradition established by compilations such as GOTHIC ROCK, HEX FILES, NEW ALTERNATIVES, L'APPEL DE LA MUSE (to name but a few); namely, to present a selection of the tremendous amount of talent and the breathtaking variety of the contemporary worldwide Gothic / Deathrock / Minimal / whathaveyou scene that exists and prospers underneath the usual media coverage of our days. Fantastic music that deserves to be heard on a MUCH wider scale.

The start of this hopeful series comes to you as a double-CD with 34 tracks by 34 bands at the price of a single CD.

34 Songs, many of which have been exclusively made to appear on this compialtion, or are previously unreleased anywhere, or ultra-rare; awesome Tracks by TRAGIC BLACK, THE LAST DANCE, ALTERED STATES, CRETA, FRANK THE BAPTIST, CHANTS OF MALDOROR, etc.

We hope you'll enjoy them all... which, in fact, we expect you to!

Release-Date: Mo, 27. October 2003


1. SCARY BITCHES - You'll End Up Looking Like The Scary Bitches (UK)
     UK-shootingstars of Horrorgoth, with this unique female voice

2. THE LAST DANCE - Whisper (Between Strobelights) (USA)
     californian Goth-Rockers with an exclusive version of a smashing track
3. IKON - Ghost In My Head (new version) (Aus)
     Waverock-version of this IKON-classic, catchy-as-f**k
4. CHANTS OF MALDOROR - Spectre (Love Is Dead) (Ita)
     Authentical ROZZ-Christian Death cover version

5. BLACK ICE - Eve E. (USA)
     Schizo-Deathrock with captivating female vocals

6. SMILING GOTH - Beetlejuice (Ger)
     exciting newcomers from Germany; Modern Batcave at its best

7. CULTURE REVERSE - Our Eyes Squint Sadly (Ger)
     Steven Cavitys Minimal-Project, first official release

8. COLLAPSING NEW PEOPLE - Revolution Girl (Aut)
     Vienna-based Minimal / Postpunk Band

9. PENIS FLYTRAP - Cemetery Girl (USA)
     masters of Horrorpunk with their hymn for all eternity
(ex-45 GRAVE)
10. ALTERED STATES - Go The Distance (UK)
     british Cult-Gothic-Rawk, first material since 10 years !

11. BELISHA - Eyes That Blacken (UK)
     Power-Gothrock by this London-based five-piece

12. CASUAL - Tard (Esp)
     unique and dark up-tempo-Goth from Barcelona

13. AVARITIA - And Here They Are Again (Ger)
     GuitarGOFF (with capital letters), jangly, powerful, awesome

14. BATS IN THE BELFRY - Sanatorium (Ger)
     Groovy Gloomgoth from Germany; fabulous!

15. CRETA - Silence (USA)
     brandnew project of THE LAST DANCE's guitarist Rick Joyce with
     brilliant female vocals; FIRST TIME ON CD !

16. NOONE I KNOW - Save What's Left (In The Strobelight) (Ger)
     fantastic, atmospherical, dark and groovy Post-Wave-Rock

17. DESCENDANTS OF CAIN - The Ceremony (UK)
      hymn-like british Okkult-Gothic Rock, both powerful and atmospheric


1. THE GHOST OF LEMORA- Dread The Day (The Cities Rise) (UK)
     Nonchalant british Gothic Rock, an instant classic!

2. MURDER AT THE REGISTRY - The Stolen Photograph (Ger)
     Catchy Deathrock made in Germany, without doubt MATRs best Track

3. TRAGIC BLACK - Nachtschleichen (Reanimated Mix) (USA)
     Exclusive mix by these US-Batcave-Deathrockers, faster & better

4. HUMAN DISEASE - Petals (Pt.1) (Ita)
     Traditional Surrealism-Deathrock just the way we all love it

5. THE LAST DAYS OF JESUS - Guns'n'Drums'n'March'n'Fun (Slo)
     Insane up-tempo-Deathrock, a world on its own

6. FRANKENSTEIN - She Casts No Shadow (USA)
     Unreleased track by Horror-Deathrockers Dave Grave & Stevyn Grey

7. NEW DAYS DELAY - Tiny Monsters & Furry Little Creatures (Ger)
     the live- und dancefloor smasher of this German Horrorsurf-outfit

8. DeSADE - Night Terrors (USA)
     fabulous oldskool US-Deathrock at its best

9. ORDEAL BY FIRE - Re-creation (Ita)
     Up-front-Goth-Rawk from Leeds...ahm, no, from Turin. GREAT!

10. REPTYLE - Massacre Celebration (Ger)
     traditional Gothic Rock in the best sense of the word

11. EXIT TO EDEN - French Kiss (Aut)
     Over-the-top unique Postpunk-Rock

12. HATESEX - Spiritual Palsy (USA)
     first-ever-release from new band of Benn Ra, ex-Diva Destruction:
     modern und fantastic dark US-Goth

13. TRESPASS - Comedown (Lost In Light Version) (Fra)
      melancholic Wave-Goth from France; exclusive version !

14. FRANK THE BAPTIST - All The Faces (USA)
     brandnew Track by our US-Goth-Heroes; previously unreleased
15. BLOODY DEAD AND SEXY - Bloody Rose (Ger)
     THE classic by these German Deathrock-shootingstars

16. THE FACES OF SARAH - Misery Turns (UK)
     hymn-like UK-Goth with all components an evergreen ever needed

17. KISS THE BLADE - Gone Again (Central Europe)
      first new track since 2002; more of everything, and better

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