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G O T H ` N P U N K & V I B R A N T M A D N E S S !

Goth and Punk have the same roots. Forgot that? "Murder At The Registry" brings it back to your mind. The whole thing is being presented with a touch of 60's-retro elements and wild psychedelic drive.
Attitude changes from dreamy to angry, which appears obviously in the dynamics of their live-shows. With guitar, bass, drums, synth and two voices, "Murder At The Registry" perform a sound rather unique.


Mart - git, bvox
Tom - bass, voc, e-bow

Current Live Hero/ine/s

Carsten - Drums
Andrea - Synths

W H E R E A R E T H E C R I T I C S ?
We liked Depeche Mode when we were young. Some of us didn't. Some liked the Beatles, some did not. Some loved Rush, some still hate them. It's never worth a discussion. So what? We all liked the Sisters, Mission, Bauhaus, Christian Death and The Chameleons, but they're not with us anymore. Today we try to concentrate on our music, and there are and were so many songs and sounds that impressed us, that we, for ourselves, can't speak about specific influences. Where are the critics? It's their job!

N E E D A C L U E ?
Imagine yourself a triangular landscape with Christian Death, And Also The Trees and the Comsat Angels at the edges; "Murder At The Registry" can be found in here. Somewhere. Sometimes. Roughly. I mean, sometimes even far beyond these borders.

Hooking up with Mart in 1991, Tom found his creative counterpart to form the band's nucleus as it still exists today. Numerous tape- releases brought some attention within the fanzine-scene in Germany and France. An even wider response was ignited by the release of the song "PUMP" on MICK MERCER's compilation "HEX FILES-The Goth Bible" Vol.1 . This was 1997, when our second guitarplayer left us, but with Mel on synths, it got even more interresting from now on: When supporting bands like Two Witches or Christian Death, the band proved that they were able to convince a wider audience without being well-known. After a short "reconstruction"-pause at the end of '98 they were complete again with Boris on drums, to prove our "live-ability" revisited: Lots of gigs where done, also supporting bands from abroad, eg. Christian Death.

But in summer 2000 "crisis" was on the flags again: The desatrous end of Leipzig's "Pfingstreffen" ignited new discussions about the music as such and if it's worth it to stay within the scene. This ended up in another split, again reducing the band to its nucleus.

But there where so many requests for playing gigs, that they just couldn't stop. A new line-up for the stage was recruited with Andrea & Carsten and the band headlined or co-headlined several festivals like "Under Cover Of Darkness" in 2001 and 2002 or "Herbstnaechte" in 2001. Eventually, the spark lit the flame…and now it's time to present some new recording to show them:
This is just the beginning!

Neue Album-CD     
"Filed: '93 - '03" (STROB 002)     


16 Tracks:

1. Cupido KLICK
2. Reconsider! KLICK
3. Blessed Curse
4. Das Lied Der Schwermuth
5. Mein Wirres Kind
6. Addicted
7. Brainsong
8. Always On The Brink
9. Death Passion
10. Freight Train
11. Wo Bin Ich?
12. Pump
13. Epiwaltz
14. The Stolen Photograph KLICK
15. The Creatures Are Having Fun With The Hollywood Dreamblaster KLICK
16. Frozen In Hesitation

"The Goth-Highlight of the year!" (ZILLO Magazin)  -  "A classic in the making" (9,5 / 10) (ORKUS Magazin)

Murder At The Registry's first "proper" album CD "Filed: `93 - `03" is a compilation of their demos and compilation contributions, some of which have been rerecorded especially for this release. Noone can resist the driving madness of dancefloor smashers like "Cupido", "The Stolen Photograph" or the outrageous "The Creatures Are Having Fun With The Hollywood Dreamblaster"... give in and go insane!
The album is being welcomed with dozens of release parties in dedicated Goth / Deathrock clubs all over Europe and the United States, and will be introduced live, amongst other occasions, at this year's JUDGEMENT DAY Festival, where MATR will perform as co-headliners.

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