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GÖTTERDÄMMERUNG was formed in August 1991. GÖTTERDÄMMERUNG's style is a combination of gothic/postpunk and noise...influences from Sisters of Mercy, Siouxsie, Big Black and Sonic Youth amongst others.

- you bereft me of even this love – resiliance in weakness -

They signed with German goth label Dion Fortune Records in 1993 and the first release was the "REARM EP"...featuring three gothic-noise tracks full of old-school postpunk elements. The full- length album "A BODY AND BIRTHMARK" was released in November '94. The album got good reviews and the band embarked on a small tour. The band parted company with Dion Fortune Records early 1996. "PURGE" a 5 track EP was released later that year on the cellar creates/ undesire label and featured a more industrial-electro noise approach.

After a break of several years the band released a new album "MORPHIA" with the original line-up! The album was a return to their classic roots! GÖTTERDÄMMERUNG released a limited edition picture-disc album (vinyl) in December 2003. The album featured a cover, 4 new tracks and an unreleased version of Vision of Wane! And there is more to come....

- love is like the wind torturing the quicksand-

After several releases and compilation appearences (the most recent being our own NEW DARK AGE vol.1 compilation as well as the ZILLO Festival Sampler), STROBELIGHT RECORDS is happy to present with "Kin-Burst 9104" an awesome selection of GÖTTERDÄMMERUNG's previous as well as contemporary work, before releasing their long awaited new album with new material in winter 2004/2005.

GÖTTERDÄMMERUNG manage to bring some certain kind of coolness back into Goth... for a most welcome change, if you ask us.

New Album CD

"Kin-Burst 9104" (STROB 011)


1 lesser deity KLICK TO HEAR
2 left hand rapture
3 skincree
4 rogues in a nation
5 echoes of despair KLICK TO HEAR
6 dance in devachan
7 bodybag
8 lust -the agony-
9 pile on the agony
10 life as art
11 fears -intrologue-
12 fears behind the mask of unfold mystery
13 hall of fame
14 fortress
15 vision of wane

out September 06, 2004