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Frank The Baptist has an affinity toward the dark and melancholy sounds as well as the aggressive songs typical today. Frank the Baptist lyrics tend to be on the metaphorical and transcendental side rather than every day radio subject matter.

Oh, and: they're not Baptists.


- the wait is finally over -

On March 2, 2007, the new and awe-inspiring third FRANK THE BAPTIST album entitled “The New Colossus” will be released - and cheers of joy will echo through the world.

The new line-up featuring BENN RA (ex-DIVA DESTRUCTION, HATESEX) has recorded a massive milestone of an album in elaborate and unmistakable FRANK THE BAPTIST style, full of melancholic power and dangerously intense atmosphere. Live and dancefloor stompers such as “If I Speak” and the instant classic “Harlot Of Nations”, eruptive anthems such as “Nautical Miles”, anthracite ballads such as “Scars Forever” or the epic masterpiece “Cosmonauts” - it’s all there.

You don’t wanna miss that...

"FRANK THE BAPTIST always deliver!" (Thomas Thyssen)


Frank The Baptist - Vox & Guitars
Benn Ra - Bass
Fez Wrecker - Guitars
Phantomas - Drums

new album CD

"The New Colossus" (STROB 026)

12 Tracks:

1. Prelude
2. If I Speak
3. When The Sky
4. Harlot Of Nations
5. Beg, Steal, and Borrow
6. The Wrong House
7. Ever
8. Nautical Miles
9. Scars Forever
10. Call The Tune
11. Iron, Water, and Wood
12. Cosmonauts

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Frank the Baptist was conceived out of a need for a sound that wasn't being heard in the San Diego underground. Frank wrote the songs and his cronies joined one by one to plug in and let their influences do the talking.They played their first show in Autumn of 97 (fitting, a time of year celebrated as a time of change) and played locally for a few years wanting nothing more than to be a local, self sufficient band in control of their creativity, accessibility, and destiny.
Their desire to be isolated from the rest of the world withered and so they sent out a message to see if anyone else was out there. As soon as they came out of their cave to play places like L.A., Long Beach, and Orange County the word was out and they were hounded by fans from around the world for recordings. Goodbye anonymity.

Frank the Baptist has since shared the stage with bands like The Damned, Gitane Demone (Christian Death), and Sol Invictus (ex-Death In June) as well as some of their West Coast favourites like Cinema Strange, Element, Diva Destruction, Penis Flytrap, and Antiworld, and headlined the Parkühne at the WGT. The time to send out the word and sound is upon us.


"Beggars Would Ride" (STROB 005)


12 Tracks:

1. Signing Off
2. Queen Frostine
3. Faithless Aloysius
4. While Falling Apart
5. Eskimoes And Butterflies
6. Different Degrees Of Empty
7. Beggars Would Ride
8. Old Hat
9. Visions
10. Vines On The Victrola
11. Come Home
12. All The Faces


Fantastic 2nd album by US-Goth shootingstars FRANK THE BAPTIST, with up-tempo dancefloor smashers like "Signing Off", melancholy Hymns such as "Different Degrees Of Empty" or "Beggars Would Ride", and sentimental evergreens like "Come Home" and "All The Faces" (highly acclaimed contribution to the NEW DARK AGE vol.1 compilation).


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"Different Degrees Of Empty" (STROB 001)


11 Tracks:

1. Falling Stars KLICK
2. Letters To Earth
3. Number One
4. Propellered Hearts
5. Silver Is Her Color
6. Cryptkicker
7. Echoes Of Never KLICK
8. Bleeding In My Arms KLICK
9. Eternal Autumn
10. On My Tongue KLICK
11. Swing The Pendulum

"A definitive Must-Have!" (ZILLO Magazin)  -  Unbelievably good! (9,5 / 10) (ORKUS Magazin)

Welcome friends to the brotherhood of sleep, come one and all.


FRANK THE BAPTIST hit the German / European Gothic Scene like a meteor coming out of the blue; introduced to Europe by the famous THYSSEN brothers, central figures of the German Gothic / Deathrock club-landscape, FTB-tracks like "Bleeding In My Arms" and "On My Tongue" immediately proved to be safe bets for crowded dancefloors all over central Europe. The song "Echoes Of Never" got featured on the highly prestigious GOTHIC COMPILATION released by the German GOTHIC MAGAZINE , along with multi-page articles in magazines such as GOTHIC and ORKUS (both more than 45.000 copies per issue!).

The never-before heard mixture of FRANK THE BAPTIST's powerful yet melancholy music and Frank's unique vocals promise to be nothing less than the Next Big Thing in global "American Gothic" in the tradition of SCREAMS FOR TINA and CHRISTIAN DEATH on the one hand, PLAY DEAD and BAUHAUS on the other.

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