4AD feeling for the new century. Ex-VENDEMMIAN mastermind and gothguitar-enthusiast Dave and his wife Yasmin (vocals) prove that dreamy romantic UK-Goth is still something that knows how to thrill black clad gothsters around the globe..

The new single "The Writing On The Wall" is the latest EXCESSION offering to date, who "seem to be moving away from the ethereal-isms of their early work, towards a more solid, angular sound, somewhat reminiscent of X-mal Deutschland" (UNCLE NEMESIS, www.starvox.net)

Straighte Beats, emotional singing, and *THOSE* guitars... a hot warm-up for their upcoming new album CD.

In Germany, Austria and Switzerland distributed by STROBELIGHT RECORDS.

New Single
"The Writing On The Wall"


3 Tracks:

1. The Writing On The Wall
2. Sould
3. The Writing On The Wall - REMIX

Album 2002


12 Tracks:

1. Wanting
2. Aurora Borealis
3. Desire
4. 59
5. Caged Bird
6. So Close
7. Blind Faith
8. Something
9. Vapid
10. It's A Sin

Mini-Album 1998
"Jong & Huga"


5 Tracks:

1. Your Party's Over
2. Years To Come
3. Hang
4. I Wanna Be Your Dog (some more)
5. Jong & Huga


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