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Le cult. Nottingham's finest sons of Postpunk-Goffic Rock were amongst the most unique and active bands of the Mothercountry since their foundation in 1986. EVERY NEW DEAD GHOST - the opposite of etheral, aesthetic Artgoth, but rather forceful and direct, motocross boots rather than stilettos, leather rather than velvet.

3 glorious studio albums, 1 live album and a bunch of spectacular singles / EP's is what this legendary band has left us after their demise in 1992; a time when polished (and mostly gloomy-for-the-sake-of-gloom-)Goth seemed to be the only variety to be able to attract the goth masses, in the face of which the quartet decided to call it a day - after years of hard struggle, massive touring and storming performances.

Their own goth variety, a sensational und inspired postpunky mixture of KILLING JOKE, PLAY DEAD and SOUTHERN DEATH CULT with loads of own potential came to an end. But for many years onwards no decent dancefloor could possibly do without ENDG's driving and stomping supersmashers such as awe-inspiring "Miranda" and "Assassin", "Obvious", or their probably most famous track, the Gothic Rock hymn "Not In A Lifetime", which Mick Mercer included in his classic first GOTHIC ROCK compilation.

"The Final Ascension - a retrospective 88-92" starts the new STROBELIGHT RECORDS "ESSENTIALS" - series, dedicated to fantastic music of superb acts whose records are either impossible to get hold of or who should be introduced and made available to a new generation of Goth-et-altera fans in well balanced and delightful compilations.

This EVERY NEW DEAD GHOST compilation comes with a massive 16-page booklet, featuring full band history and discography, supercool pictures of the band, of flyers, records and posters as well as as some extra bonus a special multimedia-part with 2 original video clips! We hope, a dignified retrospective of one of the central UK Goth/Postpunk bands ever.

New Album CD

"The Final Ascension - a retrospective 88-92" (STROB 019) Release date: 24. October 2005


1. Miranda KLICK TO HEAR
2. Hope Cemetery
3. Not In A Lifetime
4. Assassin KLICK TO HEAR
5. Lonely Faces
6. European
7. Touch The Sky
8. Obvious KLICK TO HEAR
9. Naked Truth
10. Relics
11. She's Waiting KLICK TO HEAR
12. Decadence
13. Cages
14. Hunters
15. Sweat

+ Bonus Multimedia Part: